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So, unless you’ve been living in the middle of nowhere, you’ll know that Pretty Little Liars Season 7 has started. The past 6 seasons have been pretty intense and we were all left with so many questions after the season 6 finale like “Is Charlotte really A?!” Personally, I thought it was Wren and I stuck by that theory until of course it was revealed that Charlotte (Cece Drake) was A.

Season 7 then, let’s get started!

Episode 1:
This was pretty intense and my heart was with poor Hannah the whole time when she was kidnapped due to the girls’ plan going wrong. The scenes where Hannah was left alone in the barn were so gripping and I was praying that Spencer would come in and rescue her with her intelligence! She did in fact rescue Hannah but in a dream. This concept was really cool to see too. Spencer singing to Hannah was such a heart-warming scene where I really saw how friendship is the main theme of this whole TV show and has been since season one, episode one.

However, the planning is definitely my favourite theme that runs through. You have:
Aria who always gets tangled up in her own life issues (usually Ezra).
Emily who always wants to do the right thing.
Spencer who is the definition of Intelligence.
And of course the boys (Toby, Caleb and Ezra) are always there to give moral support and come up with different ways to go about the plan. Caleb especially in this episode wanted to be as involved as he could which made me question his feelings for Hannah. Could they get back together? But poor Spencer! Secretly, I want the original couples back together, Caleb and Hannah, Toby and Spencer and Ezra and Aria, but so much has changed since years have moved on from the previous seasons and life just proved to have gotten in the way.

Emily I feel is a little lost with her feelings towards Alison and you can tell by every time one of the girls mentions Allie’s name. Also her flashback with her and Allie, this made me feel a lot of things but mostly sadness because all Emily wants to do is get Allie out of the hospital. I love how Emily sticks to what she says and goes with her gut through this episode. She goes straight in and asks Alison whether she killed Charlotte and her reaction made me feel so much sympathy. Although she kept the answer from the girls, she told them in the end which shows that yes, she may go against the plan but she always does the right thing.

Episode 2:

If I could describe this episode in three words, they would be: Intense, confusing and heart felt.

My favourite bit of this episode was definitely Aria and Ezra sitting on the bench, enjoying coffee and holding hands like old times. However, you had Liam looking over at them which made me so sad but I couldn’t help but think “YES EZRIA ARE BACK AS THE POWER COUPLE” (definitely caught me in a fangirl moment there).

Anyway, I felt sad when poor Hanna wanted to find meaning in her life so she went to pay Jordan a visit. I was really hopeful here and thought she was attempting to block out everything that was going on with Alison and try to forget about the fact she had just escaped a kidnapping. When she had the breakdown over the bar closure in New York, I was so sad again because Hanna is one of those characters that no matter what, you can always relate to her. She wanted to start over and had it all planned out in her head, which she said on the episode. For her to go and see the closed bar made it evident that she couldn’t start over, she had her chance taken away from her. Even though this was a short scene in the episode, it made me feel so many different things.

With Pretty Little Liars, I love how the girls’ private lives are all included in the episodes because it’s not solely based around the whole issue revolving A (Now A.D). It’s so realistic that it makes people want to watch it more to see what happens in the girls’ lives.

Saying that, who on earth is A.D?

Like every episode, this one made me question so many things. Is Mary Drake really Jessica’s twin? Was Jessica’s death a lie? Why is Elliot Rollins pretending to be someone he’s not? What is his plans with Allison? And why did he give Mary Drake money? Money for what?

It wouldn’t be PLL without an intense ending now, would it? Where is Allie going?!

That’s all for today’s review. I’ll see you all next week for another one!

Now, some questions for you guys: Let me know in the comments your PLL theories and favourite part of episode 2. Also, if you could play any character in PLL, who would it be and why? (Mine would definitely be Spencer)

Mollie X

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