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Today I’ll be talking about something that every makeup hoarder struggles with and every new makeup collector wants advice on- how to store makeup effectively.

I’ve got 7 tips that have helped me to clear makeup out, store it and grab my ‘go to’ products easily everyday.

Tip 1: Makeup Brush Jars.
Find nice deep items to hold your makeup brushes in. I used to use small glass jars from IKEA that I bought in a pack of four for really cheap. I then wanted something with a little more detail, so I purchased three white candle holders from IKEA too which were cheap and look really pretty in my bedroom. Something you can use that you might already have in your house is a candle jar. If it’s deep enough to hold brushes in, simply burn it out and scrape the excess wax out- there’s your jar! There are some really nice candle jars too from places such as Primark, Jo Malone, IKEA, Homesense and TK Maxx. Also, using two different jars for face brushes and eyeshadow brushes makes life that little bit easier.

Here are some makeup brush jars for inspiration from: The one that I own from IKEA, and one from Lakeland

Tip 2: Buying a Lipstick Holder.
If you’ve been reading blogs for a while or watching YouTube, you’ve probably came across the transparent lipstick holders that you can purchase. You can buy these for really cheap from eBay and Amazon. They’re so convenient as you can clearly see your lipstick collection and grab a lipstick easily. I actually use a candle holder again for my lipsticks as I think it fits in better with the theme of my room. Saying that, you can fit a lot more in the lipstick holders and as a self-confessed lipstick hoarder, I probably should invest in a holder.

Tip 3: Where to put your most used makeup.
I find it super helpful to put my daily products in my makeup bag so that I know where my favourite products are and I can pick them out super easily. I keep things in here like my daily foundation, blushes and mascaras because I like to have them all in one place. That way I don’t lose them and they’re altogether. You could also buy a small makeup storage unit that fits in all of your most used products. These are really inexpensive too and can go right on your dressing table.

Here are some makeup storage units and makeup bags for inspiration from: Argos, eBay, Superdrug, Victoria’s Secret

Tip 4: Storing different types of makeup.
Something that has definitely had an impact on me in my makeup routine is keeping my single eye-shadows separate from my palettes. This sounds so simple however, storing them in different places has been so helpful. I own a lot of single eye-shadows and quite a few palettes therefore, every time I went to use an eye-shadow, it would be difficult to fish through palettes and singles in order to find one. I now store my single eye-shadows in a pretty floral box which I think was used to put one of my birthday presents in once. What I mean by that is, you can buy them from pretty much anywhere. It has a clasp too so it’s easy and quick to open if I’m in a rush.

Tip 5: Where to store your ‘not so much used’ makeup.
If you’re anything like me, you have that stash of makeup that consists of new makeup that you’ve never had chance to try out, makeup you’ve had for years but you can’t bear to get rid of it and makeup that you keep because you tell yourself “I’m sure I’ll need this in a few months.” I have moved that stash of makeup into a patterned box that I received for my birthday last year. It makes life that little bit easier. Yes it’s still there,  but I don’t have to go through the pain of getting rid of it. The box itself is a nice addition to your room and they’re fairly easy to find in stores. You’ll find them in places such as: Tesco, Paperchase, Tiger, Homesense, TK Maxx, Zara Home, H&M Home.

Here are some pretty boxes for inspiration from: Paperchase, TK Maxx, Zara Home

Tip 6: Self-Confessed Makeup Hoarders.
This links ever so nicely in with Tip 5. As much as it pains me to say, getting rid of unused makeup is a must. Makeup doesn’t actually last forever, especially mascara. I recently had a makeup clear out where I found mascaras that I had kept from about 2013- disgusting, I know- but we all do it. I threw it away because there’s no way I was going to use it on my eyes after so long and anyway, I’ve purchased a lot since then so what was the point in keeping it?

Even if you have makeup from a few months ago but you know you’re never going to use it, try and sell it. Apps like ‘Vinted’ and ‘Depop’ are so easy to use and people sell makeup on there all the time. This includes products that may have been used once or twice and sometimes never. Another nice thing to do is to maybe donate unwanted makeup to women’s shelters. Places like that are always so grateful to receive beauty products.

In storage terms though, think of how much spare space you’d have if you got rid of those products that you no longer use!

Have you got any tips that you think will benefit other makeup hoarders? If so, what tip helped you the most? 

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