Pretty Little Liars Weekly Review

So episode 3 then!

I should definitely know by now that the endings are almost always left on a cliffhanger, making me want to fast forward to next week’s episode to know exactly what happens.

This was an interesting episode as it focused a lot Elliot and whether what he’s doing is the best for Allie and is he who he says he is? Obviously we as an audience, knew that Elliot didn’t have Allie’s best interests at heart and it made us all cringe watching him ‘treat’ her and even be in the same room as her. The girls however, were investigating him in this episode.

Allie trying to jump on top of Elliot towards the start, showed that she really didn’t want to be there and that the torture was getting too much for her. When Elliot attacked back, putting a muzzle type harness over her face, I have to say my heart sank because I knew Allie wasn’t winning  this battle. Watching him sedate Allie too made me feel so uncomfortable, why was he doing this?

When Aria went into Allie’s house to see what was really in this secret trunk by the bed, I wondered what she was going to find. Would it be letters to say Allie was getting better sent to Jason that Elliot was hiding? No, it was a selection of tools, drugs and a pair of blue contacts. First of all, what were these tools used for? Were they used for making the wax masks, the one made of Hannah that scared us all for a moment in episode 1 season 7? The drugs must be ones used on Allie surely, drugs that she’s not supposed to be having. As for the blue contacts, it’s later revealed that these might have been used along with a wax mask to make Elliot appear as Wilden- no wonder these were used to make Allie believe she’s crazy! I really loved this part of the episode as Spencer was texting Aria telling her Elliot was coming and to get out of the house- I found my heart beating so fast wanting Aria to hurry up!

The character of Elliot (his real name will hopefully be revealed next week) really makes me feel uncomfortable. Especially in the scene where the girls go to visit Allie and she looks so peaceful but we really know she’s being tortured in hospital.

Something else that’s on my mind after watching this episode is when Hanna and Aria travel to the Amish furniture store and come across the little girl and the man in the store (possibly her father). First of all, who is this little girl and am I the only one who was creeped out by her entrance behind Aria and Hanna? She looked so innocent until she mentioned the ‘dolls’ that Charlotte had given her.

After that whole scene, I was left thinking about whether Charlotte and Elliot were a couple and whether Allie killing Charlotte made Elliot want to get back at her. This explains him marrying her in order to be her next of kin and have a say over what she does. Also, looking at the scenery whilst they were there, it was full of barns. With Hanna seeing the hose and remembering part of her torturing, surely it must’ve been there where Hanna was kept hostage.

Truth is, I have no idea. What I can be sure on though is that Elliot is strange, he definitely is involved with Mary-Drake and Charlotte and whatever he is doing to Allie, it has something to do with Charlotte’s death.

I saw Elliot being knocked over by Hanna coming as soon as he started running but needless to say, I felt sorry for the girls and not Elliot in the slightest. However, if he’s dead, how are the girls going to get information from him now? Again, I have no idea but Allie looked really ghost-like in the very last part of the episode, standing there behind Elliot.

I really enjoyed this episode as it got me thinking (as always).The best thing about this show is that theories can go on forever and everyone has the opportunity to think what they want about what’s happening in Rosewood.

Questions for you: What do you think Elliot was up to and why was he torturing Allie? and is Mary-Drake against Allie and why?

I’ll be back next week for a brand new post- I cannot wait for the next episode!

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