1. The sensitive dorky type

He says that he listens to you and he wears hoodies and has a slight smile. You consider dating him but then one day you find out he’s actually super scary and could be a sociopath.

2. The older than you type

You’re 20 and he’s a masters student whose like 38 and you’re attracted to him because he’s financially stable and can afford to buy you dinner and flowers whenever you want. You wake up one day and realise that although age is just a number, it’s just a number that’s a little too high for you

3. The seems too perfect type

He’s perfect on paper, med student or lawyer something like that. He’s cute and kinda funny but there’s only so far that will get you and on;ly so far completely seems perfect will get you before you realise that you’re attracted to him but he’s actually not that funny and he’s not interested at all.

4. The wish he was friend zoned type

The guy that you’ve been friends with for so long and one day you think “omg, all guys are idiots I should just marry Jason that I have been friends with since primary school”. It’s not great, it’s just weird and realistically we should have just stayed friends.

5.The possessive type

You got white girl wasted and kissed him once, then suddenly you’re not allowed to date anyone else. He doesn’t want to be your boyfriend but doesn’t want you to date anyone else so it’s all a bit annoying.

6. The girlfriend type

So we’ve been on two dates and now we are dating. No no no no no … goodbye.

7. The player type

He thinks he’s the artful dodger with his pick up lines and con artist type skills. Don’t respond, you’ll be so proud of yourself

8. The don’t want to date type

The “I’m sorry but I’m 20 and I’m just not ready to settle down” guy. Whatever his reason he will probs stay single forever.

9. The overly scheduled type

Sports, music, scouts, arts and crafts. This guy does everything and probably has no time to go on dates and then texts you at midnight.

10. The boyfriend type

This guy is perfect, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. He’s the one that is forever or the one that got away.


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