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After seeing Jaclyn Hills video of this tag that she’s created I began thinking to myself what would be my ride or die, holy grail products as someone that’s always trying something new what stuff do I always come back to?

By ride or die she means to the products that you’d take if you were stuck on a desert island with only one of each type of make-up / beauty item — basically if you only had the ability to repurchase products and never try anything never ever again, what would you pick? I immediately began looking through my (probably excessive) make-up collection trying to decide on my picks, but I spent so much time thinking about it I never got round to making my final list before going out for dinner.

While out for dinner my mum asked me when I plan my on writing my next blog post (she’s a closeted beauty addict really?) , and I said that I was planning on doing this tag as a blog post, which she was really interested in as I’m sure she’s sick of me constantly buying new make-up in search for the best products.
We continued talking about beauty and make-up. My mum then voiced a concern about the lack of beauty bloggers for her age (i.e older than 30), making it harder for older women to be able to keep up with the latest beauty and make-up trends or how to make them work for women that aren’t in their 20s which is what a lot of the beauty gurus tend to focus their tutorials towards. Near the end of our conversation I asked my mum if she would like to share her favourite make-up products in an small attempt to fill the gap in the beauty community, as I’m sure there are women out there that would like to know what products work really well on more mature skin.

I began decided to then re-watch Jaclyn’s video and write down all of the categories which are as follows:
(N.B- my ride or dies will be in italics, my mums i’ve put in bold, for some sort of clarity haha, and i’ll do my best to link all the products mentioned. There are some categories left blank by my mum as she doesn’t use them on a regular basis, but does have them used when I’ve done her make-up for special occasions or events.)




  • Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat concealer and highlighter  
  • Urban Decay – Naked Skin

Face Powder:

Under Eye Setting Powder:




  • MAC Cosmetics – Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle 
  • ditto (i had it first btw, she kept borrowing mine for events and evenings out so I got her one of her own) 


Eyeshadow Palette:



  • MAC Cosmetics – Hot Gossip
  • MAC Cosmetics – Bombshell / Peach Blossom (they’re both my go-to colours!)

Liquid Lipstick:

Lip Gloss:

Setting Spray:



If you’ve made it to the end I love you! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our all time, holy grail make-up products. I tag everyone reading this to do this themselves or with their friends as I love hearing about what products other people love!

Let me know if what you’d like to see next, I love hearing back from you guys as it helps me to improve for future posts. Also if you’d like to see me collab with my mum again in the future leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading! Bye xo

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