A few weeks ago when I received an email from CultBeauty.co.uk to share the exciting news that they have now started stocking the much sought after Beauty Bakerie products, I got a bit overly excited. I love ordering from Cult Beauty as it means I can get American brands of makeup without getting stung for customs charges as I had already paid two lots of charges when I got two Jeffree Star Cosmetics orders and I wasn’t prepared to give the government even more of my money, when I could be using it to buy more makeup and shoes.

I have been obsessing over the Lip Whips on twitter and instagram for what feels like forever! Whats not to love about them, they look SO adorable with their swirly tubes and metallic blue/green lids, as well as those videos on twitter of swatches looking like the only liquid lipsticks a girl could ever need had be sold. As soon as I saw that they had the ‘THE’ colour of the moment, the most stunning dusty rose / mauve beauty that is Versailles in stock I knew I needed to act fast in order to make sure I got my hands on one before it sold out. Being priced at £16 I only got two of them because being a student I should be saving money for the new semester and not spending it on yet more makeup but i have a shopping and makeup addiction. I ended up getting Versailles and Watermelon Slushie (a true watermelon pink that would have been perfect for summer).


I’ve used the Lip Whips a few times since they arrived as I like to give all my lipsticks equal attention as I’m a bit weird like that and I’M OBSESSED WITH THE LIP WHIPS! GIVE ME ALL THE COLOURS! They are my new favourites to wear all day, and the budge proof/ smudge proof formula means that they don’t need touching up all day. Once dry the formula is very long wearing, and totally transfer proof, the only time I got any slight transfer was after eating oily foods but that was to be expected.

The formula is not too thick or too thin, making them easy to apply evenly and neatly without using a lip liner first, as well as being totally opaque in one coat. It doesn’t exaggerate any fine lines on the lips either, which I have noticed with some other high street liquid lipsticks. They say on the websites to allow about 5 minuets for the formula to completely dry down, but in my experiences they dry within 30 seconds to a minuet at most. Once they have dried down they don’t leave your lips feeling heavy or really dry, they feel comfortable and not tacky either- it feels totally dry and even kinda moisturising, which feels odd to say about a liquid lipstick.


would I buy them again? SO MUCH YES! I love wearing these liquid lipsticks and the colour selection is incredible! I can’t wait to see more collections come out, the new metallic lip whips look amazing! *impatiently waiting for a UK stockist* I can defiantely see myself buying some different colours, the red shades look stunning in pictures of swatches *so many heart eye emojis*, but I have to wait for them to come back in stock first as they’re all sold out at the moment 🙁 Also I really want to try out the cream eyeshadows and gel eyeliners as they are also waterproof and smudge proof, which is too tempting for me to resist.

are they worth the money? For £16 each I would say that they’re worth investing in, they’re similar in price to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks that work out to about £13 each at the current exchange rate. The product itself is amazing, they last all day- each time I wore them they lasted at least 8 hours without being touched up. The pigmentation of the formula is beyond incredible and the colours are so creamy and opaque that they’re a joy to wear.

XO Becky





P.S – this post is no way sponsored by either cult beauty or beauty bakerie, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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