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Dating 101

Dating. The word to me used to mean fun, exciting and spontaneous. Why is it nowadays the thought fills you with dread?

I’ve been single just over a year now and the horror stories I could rattle off to you is actually quite embarrassing. With dating pretty much at your fingertips now thanks to all the apps readily available how is it harder now than a few years ago to find a decent guy? Maybe it’s because of how easy the swiping right always makes you think there is something better further along, maybe it’s that we’re all looking in the wrong places. The knight in shining armour, the Chuck to my Blair, the one that whisks you off your feet.. Do they exist anymore?!

I’ve had two long term relationships with tons of speed bumps in-between but this past year I have encountered more frogs than I have knickers.. Which trust me, I kind of have a love hate with Victoria Secrets – They take more of my money than I want to know. I’ve had them all..

The Big Ego Guy – you know the type.. Pictures of himself everywhere, has the pout down more than you.

The Muscle Man – The guy who when he strips down, well.. He gets you going but personality wise.. it’s like talking to Wilson the football.

The Secret Excitement Guy – The guy who tells you everything you want to hear.. but in private. Never associates with you outside the four walls of your bedroom.

The Pathological Liar – The guy who is there to use you, for one reason or another.. regular sex or maybe the free food you cook for him when he visits, either way he’s there for one reason and will lie through his teeth to get it.. Including the fact he has a girlfriend.. Yup, that happened.

The Old Flame – You’ve been there, you’ve done that and you didn’t work, but in a moment of loneliness you have that wonderful lightbulb moment of maybe, just maybe he was the one who got away. He wasn’t, don’t do it.

I’ve been busy.. clearly. I’ve had heartbreaks, and I’ve had that super love. That incredible feeling when they touch you and your whole body goes into tingle mode, when they kiss you everything slows down in that moment, the butterflies when their name pops up on your phone. Cheesy? Maybe. True? You know it.

I’m doing a journey – to find love but also to find me. I’m a believer of loving yourself before anyone is able to truly love you too. It’s not that I’m lonely, I have fabulous friends, a job I adore & honestly I’m pretty grounded but I think we all crave that special someone. If it doesn’t work I’m sure we could all have a good giggle at the Dating Demons that pop up, we already have a few stories I might share!!

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