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For this weeks #MakeupMonday I decided to finally test my boyfriend on his makeup knowledge as its something that I’ve joked about doing with him for a while now. It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon when I’m writing this and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put his knowledge to the test and find out how much he’s learned about makeup and beauty in the past 18 months. I googled ‘boyfriend makeup knowledge questions’ and saw this tag pop up and decided to give it a go as reading some of the answers on other peoples posts made me chuckle.

A huge thank you to my boyfriend Rob for being such a good sport by being in this weeks post and giving it his best shot at answering every question.

Please define and explain the following terms to the best of your ability:

primer – what you put on before foundation, makes your skin the right colour to make your foundation go on the right colour

bb cream – if its a cream its probably good for your skin, makes your skin better. Probably has exfoliating stuff in it, does it remove makeup?

foundation – stuff you put on your face to hid blemishes, makes your skin look even.

concealer – same as foundation i guess, i dunno. aren’t they the same thing?

powder – is that like blusher stuff? makes your skin a nice colour.

bronzer – you eat it? erh.. makes your skin all shimmery and makes your skin all nice and luminescent.

blusher – these all basically do the same thing! makes your skin look like your blushing

contouring – oh i know that one! they do it on Ru Pauls Drag Race! It changes your face shape, can enhance certain parts of your face. E.g. can make your forehead look smaller and stuff like that.

strobing – isn’t that what they have in nightclubs? (I don’t use strobing so I can’t blame him really…)

highlighting – thats for your eyelids sparkly, draws attention to your eyes.

setting spray – helps your makeup stay in place, stops your skin not be all flakey. Makes sure your makeup doesn’t come off if you touch your face.

eyeshadow – the stuff you put on your eyelids to make them all different colours and stuff. Makes your eyes stand out.

eyeliner – you put it on your eyelashes, to make them dark and curly.

mascara – you put that on your eyebrows. It makes them fluffy, like big caterpillars.

brow pencil – for your eyebrows? To make them defined and shaped, makes them more consistent shapes and filled in.

lip liner – You outline you lips with it, to make the shape more defined. You put lipstick on afterwards.

lip scrub – To get lipstick off.

micellar water – Clean makeup off of your face, make your skin all nice and smooth and clean.

cleanser – To cleanse your actual skin, not just remove the makeup. Removes impurities and dirt from the skin.

toner – To make sure your makeup matches your natural skin tone, or improve your skin tone.

serum – isn’t that what goes into you if you get bitten by a snake? isn’t that what Dr Osbourne takes on Spiderman to become the Green Goblin? (*eye rolls and sighs*)

Did you find this test hard?
Yeah, it was a lot harder than i thought it would be.

Could you do my makeup the exact same way i do it everyday?
Yeah, i could defiantly give it my best shot anyway.

Well that’s all from me for this week, I really hoped you enjoyed this quick and fun tag! If there are any other tags you would like me to do please let me know in the comments.

XO’ Becky 

P.S. Thank you for all of the support I received for last weeks post, I really appreciate people showing my posts some love as it encourages me to keep writing and lets me know what kinds of posts you enjoy seeing from me. If you’ve made it this far into the post, I love you guys.

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