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Last weekend by boyfriend surprised me with a few makeup goodies, one of them being the Benefit: They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit (whew! talk about a mouthful!). Before I received these from him I didn’t even know this product existed so I was really excited to try them out! As every other Benefit product that I have ever used I’ve loved, so I had high hopes for these but I was still unsure what to expect from them as I had heard nothing about them from any of the Beauty Gurus that I follow on Instagram or YouTube. I have been wearing the lipsticks for the past week in order to try out all of the colours for a full day before deciding if I like them or not and then writing a review on them.

In this post I’ll be talking about whats in the box, the colours as well as how they apply and wear throughout the day etc.
(All photos used in this post are my own and were taken on my iPhone 6 with an LED case on it.)

Whats in the box?

There are 4 lipsticks in this set, which come beautifully displayed in a metal tin which makes them perfect to display on a dressing table, or for travelling with as they won’t get damaged as the tin is quite hard. The box says that you’ll have “fuller looking lips in 1 easy step” which sounds pretty amazing to me. As well as demonstrating what makes the custom teardrop shape of the bullet so unique, the top part of the tear drop is lip liner and the bottom part is the lipstick. This concept made me really curious as I am someone that rarely wears lip liner unless it is 100% necessary in order to stop the lipstick from bleeding or fading. I also really love how the lipstick tubes look like mini versions of the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, idk it just amuses me a lot and I think its cute.

The cost of the set is £24.50, which makes each lipstick only £6.13! Making them the same price as most lipsticks from Boots or Superdrug (such as Rimmel, Revlon or L’Oreal).

What are the colours like?

I really like the colour selection in this lip kit, as I feel that there is a good selection of the ‘core’ colours that every girl should own in her lipstick collection. All of the colours are really creamy and highly pigmented giving a full coverage look easily and quickly. Please bare with me as I am not the greatest at describing colours but I will do my best…

The 4 colours in the kit are:

  • Flame Game — A true orange, this colour kinda reminds me of a coral with slight more orange-ness to it? I was kinda scared to wear this colour when I first swatched it on my arm, but once I got it on my lips I really liked it. It gives me such an autumny feeling when I wear this colour, and it also it goes really well with my current favourite eyeshadow look — which is also orange, so many pumpkin vibes.
  • Pink Thrills — I would describe this colour as I muted fuchsia (i.e. a sorta hot pink, slightly more purple-pink type of colour). This is the one I reach for the least out of the 4, but I don’t really wear pink lipsticks much in the winter so that’s not just a reflection of this particular colour. I imagine that once it’s spring again, I’ll be wearing pink lipsticks again and can’t wait to get more wear out of this one as I do really like the colour and think that it is really flattering.
  • Revved-Up Red — This is a true, classic, blue toned red. Perfect for any occasion. Easily dressing up any outfit and making you look like you’ve made 10x more effort that you really did, which is good with me. This tone of red will look beautiful on everyone and I can see a lot of people really loving this one, especially as I find red lipsticks are the ones that always need a lip liner used with them and this one has the liner built in.
  • Lusty Rose — The kind of pinky/nude/dusty rose colour thats everywhere at the moment, the colour that all of the really beautiful girls on Instagram are wearing except in a creamy finish instead of matte, which is much more comfortable to wear in my opinion. This is my favourite colour out of the 4 as it goes with pretty much any outfit and gives my lips a ‘my lips but better’ look, which is perfect for everyday!

How do they apply/ total wear time?

The first time I applied one of these lipsticks I did find it hard to hold to as it feels like you’re holding the lipstick upside down in order to apply it to my bottom lip, but that might just be the way that I apply my lipstick– if you are used to rotating the bullet when applying lipstick you’ll probably find it easier than I did. But after using them a few times I felt like I got the hang of applying them evenly with a sharp lip line around the edges with the liner part of the bullet, but practise makes perfect right? I think that the teardrop shaped bullet is a really cool and unique idea, and I can see more cosmetic brands trying to replicate this shaped bullet in the future.

Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for, how they wear. On the box it states that you can get 8 hours of wear time out of these lipsticks, and I would have to kinda agree with that statement. They do last all day as long as you allow for some fading in the middle of the lips from eating meals, particularly watch out for greasy foods, which break down product like lipsticks anyway,   I would like to emphasise the use of the word meals as eating a small snack hasn’t caused it to fade or rub off, from my personal experience anyway.

Final Thoughts? TL:DR

I really, really like these lipsticks. I think that the lip liner + lipstick combo is so unique and I will continue to use these until theres nothing left in the tubes. The colours are very on classic and would look great on a wide variety of people. These would make a great gift for anyone that is just starting to get into makeup or a seasoned makeup lover, as these colours are beautiful and the formula is creamy, comfortable and so long wearing.

If I had not received these from my boyfriend last weekend they would definitely be on my christmas list, as I would have ended up falling in love with them when I eventually would have ended up swatching them in store– because thats just what I do as I am obsessed with all things makeup.




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