I was eally sceptical when my therapist told me that she firmly believed that meditation would help my anxiety. I’ve been to yoga, hot yoga (I fainted and didn’t go back) and I’ve been to a yoga retreat where I found out a girl was smuggling Vodka in and quickly made friends with her.

But Yoga from my bedroom might be different, so I thought that I might give it a go. I searched on YouTube for some videos and when the people who I have contacted get back to me I will 100% post below the videos that I have been using but for now what have I learnt.

  1. The earlier the better

Late night yoga just didn’t work for me, I didn’t make me relaxed and it was just something that I dreaded doing.You would think 6:30am would be a time I didn’t want to do yoga but 6:30pm was worse. Plus once you have done like 10 minutes of yoga, it wakes you up and then you get into te shower and feel all clean and awake and super relaxed.

2. Spend out on Yoga pants

Even though I was doing everyting in my house looking cute as hell in my clothes made me definitely want to do the yoga routine. Few cute snapchats and videos to keep myself motivated. Sue me, I’m that girl that Instagrams her life.

3. It doesn’t have to be Yoga

Mediate … just sit and look at the world. Do it in your room or in your park honestly it helps so much and just taking ten minutes out from my busy day made  me definitely put everything into perspective.


I’m 2 weeks in and it’s definitely made a difference but give it a go and let us know how you feel about Yoga. We have a Poll going on twitter 🙂

Love you lots like expresso shots

The Coffee Girls




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