To my friend that isn’t here anymore * 

Dear my darling friend,

This year has been hard without you. It will always be hard without you. I graduated and I found a dress the day before, you would have found one for me straight away. You always knew what I liked even before I did, you just had this sense of what people should wear. We always said if you hadn’t picked politics you would have picked fashion as a major.

Speaking of Politics, Donald trump is running for presidency along with Hillary clinton. It’s a train wreck. You’d have loved giving your opinions, writing for your school paper and calling everyone in America insane. You would have google alerts on for the debate and we would have stayed up until whatever American time the debate was on. We would have made up some drinking game that would have got us wasted and then woken up the next morning to snapchat stories of us playing childhood games we forgot we had.

Side note: snapchat have new filters you’d have hated them.

The kardashians is still going! Don’t be too angry but rob Kardashian is back, I guess the sock business didn’t work. Taylor swift is dating someone else and catfish got another series and there was this guy that thought he was dating Katy perry, you’d have laughed with me.

You’re supposed to be graduating with us but you’re not. I know why you left, you thought that this was the end but it’s not. I still speak to you everyday, I just wish it was in person not spirit. People say that the first year is the hardest but it’s hard to continue to imagine the rest of my life without you. It feels like you’re on holiday and you forgot to send me a postcard. 

I miss you everyday, your mum misses you everyday and we all just wish something could have been done differently. I wanted you happy and healthy. Not so thin you wanted to die. We lost two of you in one year, two best friends one to mental health and one to an awful illness. 

I will always miss you

Your best friend forever

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