Pure chimp Matcha Green Tea; Product Review

Detox teas, green teas, coconut teas.. I’m going through them all at the moment. Kicking into my detox part of the year, just before I binge on pigs in blankets and far too much mulled wine I was excited to try out the Pure Chimp Super Tea. This tea is a Matcha Green Tea that claims one cup is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. I have done many green tea detox trials and I have always felt a little healthier afterwards, green tea is something I drink often so surely 10 cups would make me feel amazing?  The consistency of this green tea is a powder and almost a neon green colour. I had to do a little research into the background of Matcha Green Tea and just what the benefits are for this drink. Boosting the immune system was definitely one of the biggest perks of drinking this tea. I am always getting ill and when I do it’s not the sniffle get on with your day kind of illness, it’s the full blown feel like death warmed up illness. 

I decided to give this a real trial at helping me battle my winter illnesses and took this every morning for a good few weeks. At the beginning of taking the tea I could feel a tickle in my throat, and a slight dizziness which I saw and knew all far too well as another cold heading my way. Sure enough, after a few days I felt absolutely fine and bouncing off the walls with energy. This is another perk of the tea that I noticed.. The energy that you get from this tea is a life saver at some points. 

Last week I stumbled into work after 90 minutes sleep and one too many glasses of wine the night before, after two glasses of this Matcha Tea I was ready to go and managed to survive until 10pm that night. 

On the back of this tea it gives you two ways to drink it – A super shot & in a warm cup of water with honey mixed in. I tried both these options and a few times to give them both a fair try.  

A super shot. Mix half a tea spoon in cold water for an instant boost. This became my preferred way of drinking the Matcha Tea. It doesn’t taste amazing, the nearest description is like drinking blended grass but the benefits of doing a super shot is the super quick effect it has on your energy. I brought it into the office and asked a few colleagues to try this way too. They all felt the energy boost, and a few have asked for glasses of it when they are feeling particularly low. 

Mix the tea with hot water and honey. This was actually delicious. I’m a huge honey fan anyway but it worked for me and I have had a few mugs of this at night cuddled up on the sofa. 
All in all, this tea has definitely become a morning staple for me and after reading into the company as well I’d be happy handing my money to them for some more. 5% of their profits go straight to charity, the tea is vegan and 100% natural, overall a fab company to throw my money at. 

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