5 ways to improve your productivity when travelling to work

If you’re anything like me, you want to make use of every hour in your day. Working flexible hours, running a blog and trying to keep my karma in check by helping do some charity work and going back to school leaves me with very limited time to make sure that I get everything done.

My new years resolution this year was to become more organised, I thought this was a sensible new years resolution but my friends and lecturers laughed at me and told me I am the most organised person that they have ever met and they are completely confused on what I could do within my life to make myself more organised.

The key was in the hour in the morning. That one hour that I didn’t use when I as on my way to work or school, that one hour could make or break my day and therefore I needed to master this one hour.

  • Breakfast – I spent my time eating and drinking on the train and this doesn’t improve productivity, there are so many studies that state you should have breakfast before 8am. This increases productivity because the slow release carbohydrates are getting to work by that 9am/10am start or lecture that you have.


  • To do lists – I started this before Christmas and honestly it works, if you have that overwhelming feeling while you’re traveling into work or school, use that time to create a to do list of things that you feel are actually plausible throughout the day. Happy mind = Happy Day


  • Brain games – if doing work or planning before you actually get to work sounds like hell then use the time to increase your brain memory in a fun and cool way.


  • and if brain games aren’t your thing you could always try the reading list challenge with us this year – reading is a great way to wake up and feel relaxed at the same time.


  • Finally and honestly we think it’s the most important is keep yourself hydrated while traveling. Coffee although the love of our life, cannot replace the water in your body. So for every coffee you should drink like two glasses of water.



What do you do when you travel places? We are talking about short journeys here but send us what you do to our twitter account @alatteofcoffee_


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