Trust us – you search our personal instagram and there are many selfies with gin and tonics, Starbucks cups and our furbabies but while having an instagram clear out and removing all the guys I kind of dated, the ones that I actually dated and the nights that I don’t remember I realised that all those selfies did was show what I was doing, they didn’t actually show the place I was, the people I was with … hell most of them didn’t even show my full outfit. This got me thinking … are selfies even cute anymore?


The answer that I came to is probably not, these aesthetically pleasing Instagram’s that I have no idea how anyone actually has the patients to create are cute, pictures with cannon cameras of full outfits and the great wall of china are cute. Instagram pictures that show locations or outfits, beauty products and videos are cute. No longer do I get praise for having a cute face, people want experiences.

Now there’s every chance that I’m wrong about this and selfies are still cute.

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Love you lots like expresso shots



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