Why I’ve Actually Kept to all my New Years Resolutions

2016 was a horrible year, it was the worst not just locally but globally. I made the decision that 2017 would be so much better. I came up with a few new years resolutions, not too little but not too many. Ones that seemed reasonable, that I felt that I could actually keep to.

Normally each year I get drunk with friends and say “I will get married by the end of the year,   obviously it doesn’t happen or I decide to give up sugar but that never happens either…or coffee, like that’s ever going to happen. This year however I was sick in bed and for once made the most reasonable new years resolutions ever so here they are;

  1. To compliment myself once a day
  2. To make sure that I do things because I want to do them and not because someone else wants me to
  3. Take fruit as an option over chocolate most of the time

Now the first one is quite easy, but it helps me to love myself again, once I love myself again option two will fall into place, once I love myself again option three will fall into place. It’s a systematic approach. Now it works, I’m eating grapes while telling myself that my outfit is cute today. I decided not to go out last night because I didn’t want to, everyone begged me to but I said no and I feel happy, confident and in control.

So my point is … the new years resolutions that have worked linked, they were reasonable and doable and help my mental health. I’m happy I don’t feel like a failure yet.

So we want you to tell us your resolutions

Love you lots like expresso shots



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