To the one that got away…

To my dear,

It’s been ten years since we last spoke, we exchange happy birthdays and occasional messages about our travels but nothing like we used to. I remember sitting down at 16 years old and us planning our wedding, swans and horse drawn carriages were a must. It seemed inevitable that I would marry you, but ten years, three boyfriends later and occasionally I sit down and wonder what could have be.

What could have happened if you hadn’t had moved away, travelled and looked at the world in a different way. Of course I don’t resent you traveling, you got to do everything that you always wanted to do but I miss the way we were.

I think about what could have happened. Would we have travelled the world together? Settled down? Had children?

Of course all this is hypothetical and one day you will find the girl of your dreams but for a short amount of time there was never anyone else, only you. There’s never been anyone else to the same extent …

yours always


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