Previously on PLL: 19 things from series 7a

PLL is on it’s way back to our tv screams . lets out MAJOR girly scream. Although we are sad to see it go we are 23 and have been watching the show since we were about 18. We’ve grown up with Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily and their inability to ring the police when someone tries to kill them. Regardless we thought we would give you a recap since it’s been quite a while since we’ve watched it.

  1. Spencer is Mary Drakes daughter which means Jessica is her aunt which means Alison is her cousin and CeeCee is her sister and her dad is well actually her dad.
  2. Charlotte is dead she died in the first episode
  3. Hanna was kidnapped and rescued
  4. Spencer and Caleb waere speaking together that was weird and then they brokeup and now Caleb and Hanna are together
  5. Ezra kissed his ex girlfriend on live TV
  6. Toby is engaged to someone else
  7. Ellliot was marreid to Alison he turned out to be a major psycho
  8. Elliot wasn’t even Elliot
  9. Jason returns to rosewood
  10. Hanna attempts to prove Noel Kahn is a.d
  11. Noel kills himself and his head rolls across the floor
  12. Alison is pregnt with someone’s child
  13. Spencer learns that Toby and Yvonne are leaving Rosewood
  14. Toby and Yvonne get in a car accident and we acually don’t know how they are yet
  15. Aria knew Nicole phone and didn’t tell Ezra
  16. Mona is helping the girls again
  17. Hanna’s mom now owns radly and it’s a hotel
  18. The girls burnt sara’s hand and she has to wear one of those weird gloves
  19. Mary Drake is working with  Elliot

Anything else you remember? Also who do we think A is.

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