Relationships are just the way that two or more peole are connected. Which means that technically we were in a relationship, we were connected you were my best friend for over ten years but I’m not necessarily sure that you met the criteria to be my best friend or whether I just said it to keep you happy. Lets look at the facts:

  1. Our boyfriends both broke up with us a week apart from each other – you never asked me if I was okay … i brought you flowers and films.
  2. You hated it when i cancelled when I was sick, you haven’t turned up to my birthday partties for three years because you’re struggling with mental health – I didn’t make you feel bad about it
  3. You tell me I’m a rubbish best friend because I went out on date night instead of coming to your house – You didn’t ask me till the evening if I was free
  4. You gave me panic attacks – I never made you feel like that
  5. You hated the fact that I didn’t drink as much alcohol as you – I had an eating disorder
  6. You joked about the fact that I can’t drive – I was in three car crashes from the age of 8-18
  7. You used to tell me I wasn’t pretty so you didn’t see me as a threat


That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I deserved better. I wish you well but I deserved better.

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