We 100% want this bad ass cat

Yesterday we read the most brilliant article about a cat! Now it’s a well known fact that a lot of the coffee chicks that run this site are completely obsessed with cats, so the group chat was on fire yesterday with the major theory of how we get to Australia to buy this cat. The article was posted on the cat people of Melbourne but we read it over at Huffington post.

This cat is called Mr Biggles and he is the evil sidekick that we must have. He’s sassy and demanding which is basically us! He’s just brilliant! Mr Biggles is in need of a permanent home but don’t worry guys we are attempting everyway of getting to Australia to try and bring him to Europe to live with us.

However in the meantime if you are more suited location wise than us for this sassy cat then do get in touch with the cat people of melbourne

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