Pretty Little Liars Episode 7×17 “Driving Miss Crazy” Review

Three episodes left before the Big Finale and I might become Miss Crazy and steal the real Miss Crazy’s thunder in the process.

That was by far one of the best episodes of Season 7 since it left me with my jaw wide open and ready to hit the floor. Seriously. Starting with the big reveal about Aria having filed a report on Ezra in the past, and ending with a perfect Crazy-Mona scene, who we missed as an A-material kind of thing, the whole episode hit every single one of my nerves and left me wanting more-as always. Warning for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet: Stop reading before it’s too late. Possible spoils ahead.

So, we learned what was that huge big of a deal in that file A.D. had on Aria. The report on Ezra was submitted by her around Season 4, when she was mad at him and who wouldn’t have been? Before I start firing blames on Ezra though, I must say he was the sweetest and most kind person in this episode, it almost reminded me of Ezra from the first seasons we all loved and cared for.

Our precious Hanna got anxious again and started wanting to play the game again, which was odd considering she was desperately trying to avoid the noisy thing. All this cause the always-annoying detective Furey started firing claims again on her and Caleb this time. And then enters Mona, finally! We’ve been waiting for her thoughts and brilliance to put some light into the whole A.D. mystery. After that, she teams up with Emily trying to find out who the mysterious donor of Alison’s baby was, who the doctor behind the procedure was and why he agreed in doing it.

Two other awesome things happened after that. Spencer’s family was stroke by a huge reveal considering Peter Hastings-of course. We didn’t know what was going on until the next best thing happened. Mary made contact with Spencer and explained everything to her. I was really disappointed in the end that Spencer didn’t go live with her cause that woman aside from being the best character in the series yet, she deserves some happiness for the love of God.

While Spencer was busy with her family problems, Aria was one step closer to redeem herself from playing A.D.’s games. A.D. rewarded her with two pieces of the puzzle, which we still trying to figure out what it shows, and with some files we don’t get to have a glimpse on until next episode.

On top of those things, Caleb and Hanna got engaged and I left this for last cause I know we’ve all been waiting for this to happen eventually. My satisfaction was way bigger than I expected considering I’m a Spoby shipper, not a Haleb one. I have to admit that the touch the writers put on the rings and the whole camp-engagement under the stars brought back some good old memories of the series that really got me the chills.

The last scene was the classic A.D. scene only with a tiny difference-or a huge one. It was the perfect scene to end this episode and a relief after realizing that this person wasn’t A.D. and if it was I swear to God it was the best reveal since Mona was revealed as A. Oops, I think I’ve overcome myself here claiming that but still we all know that this person wasn’t A.D. cause the writers wouldn’t give us that huge clue on the 17th episode. Yet we all were satisfied by the fact that Crazy-Mona started her A games but this time for a good cause. She will have this figured out in no time, I bet. She is the best on this game, she created it and we expect her to put her brilliance into motion again and start pointing fingers soon.

I loved this episode so much I can’t wait for the next one and at the same time I don’t really want these series to end cause after that, where will I find another A to analyze or get obsessed with? And the more we reach the finale, the more awesome theories start to get demonstrated and the creation of the fans is what makes me even more interested and impatient for the next episodes. The only thing that is still unanswered but every episode makes it more possible to happen, is the Spencer-has-a-twin theory. That’s another thing I can’t wait to get revealed.

Questions for you: Do you think Mona is A.D. or is she actually helping the girls the only way she knows best? Do you still believe the whole Spencer has a twin theory is happening?

I’ll get back on you next week with a new post about the upcoming episode!

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