Pretty Little Liars Episode 7×18 “Choose or Lose” Review

Choose or Lose” was the perfect title for this episode. And guess what happened in the end; the latter.

At first, I must admit, I thought this was not going to be one of the good episodes of this Season, but I was completely wrong. I should have expected it though since I. Marlene King has done a great job so far and “satisfaction” is an understatement for how I feel for this episode. Warning: Do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet!

We’ve been waiting for this to happen and now that it did, I’m the first one regretting it. Lieutenant Linda Tanner is back in Rosewood and has the solid case against the girls she always wished for. Looks like Furey got out of the picture because he wasn’t capable of making unbiased decisions for the case and I couldn’t agree more to that since he got into bed with the enemy. Literally.

The investigation against the girls is on and Aria is the first one who starts dumping her secrets in a paper shredder. That actually didn’t surprise me at all. Meanwhile, the game bleeped again and this time the girls had to choose which one of them will turn herself in. Before they can fully recover from that, Mona appears and she is the first one to expose Aria to the girls because she has been monitoring her calls with A.D. It was about time for the girls to blow her cover and cut her out which, by the way, was the first satisfying thing that happened on this episode. After that, the girls got a call from Tanner who wanted to reveal all the evidence she has so far against them and, of course, they are not enough to put them behind bars.

Needless to say that Spencer is the first one to approach Aria after their fight but she regrets it when Tanner appears and makes it seem like A.D. ensured that Aria gets away with murder while the rest of the girls are still on the run.

The next ten minutes were for all the shippers out there who couldn’t sleep peacefully without knowing if their favorite couple is going to be Endgame. Aria said everything to Ezra about working with A.D. and the file, for which Ezra surprisingly already knew about. Haleb was the couple which got married eventually and Tyler Blackburn got me sobbing again with his heartwarming speech. And he even bought the rings! The “kissing-rock scene” was in fact on this episode and even I was moved by the realization that Emison is Endgame. And the last one that everybody was telling us is not going to happen, it did! And it felt so satisfying – again! Spoby got together and I have to thank Spencer for joining him in the cabin eventually otherwise I would have gone myself. Seriously.

You can now relax and enjoy the rest of the ride because we all know that after every joyful and peaceful scene on this show regarding the couples, comes the total disaster and the ultimate betrayal. Hence, the latter I mentioned in the beginning. Because Aria now may be free from A.D.’s grip, but she didn’t get away with murder after all. Archer Dunhill’s body was found in her car the exact same time the police arrived.

While Aria regrets her decision on joining the A.D. team, Caleb and Ezra team up only to find out that the game is now in Mona’s hands. What’s up with Mona, by the way? Should we consider her being A.D.? Or, do the writers again want us to believe that she is, when she is not? Because let’s not forget that they wouldn’t reveal A.D. two episodes before the finale.

Not only that, but A.D. has another ace up his/her sleeve. Also I believe we still haven’t seen the ultimate betrayal after all those loving scenes between the couples.

Questions for you: What will happen to Aria now that there is a dead body in her trunk? Do you think that after all the lovey-dovey scenes, there’s going to be a huge betrayal from one of them, meaning that A.D. is actually one of the main characters?

Leave your comments below.

I’ll be back next week with a new post about the upcoming episode.

Until then, be careful to whom you spill out your secrets, Liars.

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