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Pretty Little Liars Episode 7×19 “Farewell, My Lovely” Review

Endgame is finally here and when I say it, I mean it. The game literally ended for good this time. It just stopped as quickly as it had started.

This episode provided us with answers to a lot of our questions and first and foremost was the answer to who was the person who killed CeCe/Charles/Charlotte. It also gave us more clues in the process on who is A.D. but we still haven’t seen him/her yet. And as I have mentioned before in all my previous posts, the satisfaction that comes from these last ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars is more than enough. Don’t know about you, but for me this episode was the most satisfactory yet because it proved me right on who I thought was CeCe’s killer. Don’t forget to not continue reading this unless you’ve already watched this episode.

It starts with Linda Tanner having all the paperwork needed to arrest the girls for Archer Dunhill’s murder, and you think this might indeed happen as long as Aria has his body inside her trunk. But then you are proven wrong. That girl found a way to clean up the mess and got a bit crazy afterwards when she started talking to the dead guy. By the way, that made me think that she might as well have become mentally ill considering what she’s been through so far but our girl is fine. And with Ezra stepping up and defending her on the next scene for her choices minding A.D., if I was her, I would make it my life goal to never lose my sanity while I have this guy on my side for eternity (well, not yet but soon).

The minute that Spencer accused Mona of being A.D., we all crossed out Mona’s name from our suspect list because every time the girls point their finger at someone, that person is certainly the purest and kindest in the whole show. And speaking of Mona, she receives a letter same as the one she sent to Jenna the night that CeCe got murdered and we never find out from whom it was. Meanwhile, Spencer meets up with Mary Drake and the latter has a nice gift to offer to her and Alison. The purification for Mary’s sins is on the way and it starts with that minor gesture, or should I say huge gesture, since that gift was never meant to help the girls with the investigation that goes on against them. There was a better gift for it that came up towards the end of this episode but I am going to discuss this later with you.

While Mona is on her way to her appointment, Hanna, Caleb and Spencer follow her only to lose her in the end since she escaped from a secret passageway behind the Brew’s toilets. At the same time, Emison fall asleep because of a gas leak in Alison’s house and Emily has a dream that apparently is the five-year flash forward we witnessed on 6×10. Interesting is the fact that Alison is writing all the names she had gone by throughout the show on the blackboard, and they are a lot.

Finally the time has come for us to find out that Mona killed CeCe. It turns out that she met CeCe that night on the bell tower to threaten her and warn her that she is going to protect the girls if CeCe tries to hurt them again. Another redemption on this episode, by the way, and this time was for Mona’s part in all the bad things that have happened to the girls on the show. It also turns out that CeCe remained mentally ill even after her release from Radley and she was going to hurt the girls again. But Mona wasn’t going to let that happen and while she was trying to scare her away, she accidentally killed her. The murder weapon seems to have always been in front of the police’s eyes, as Mona mentioned, since it was inside the bell tower all along.

After the reveal on CeCe’s killer, A.D. leaves the last two pieces of the puzzle on Ezra’s car and after finishing it, the girls get another order from A.D. along with the location of his body which now seems to be inside the house of Alison’s aunt, Carol Ward. This time the girls have to dig up Charles’ grave and when they decide not to do it and back away, the police arrest them.

And here comes the redemption for Mary Drake that I mentioned earlier. That woman is by far the best character on the show, in my opinion, considering the development on her character, which took her only twenty-two episodes to accomplish while others still struggle to get there after seven whole seasons. She confesses of having killed Archer Dunhill and Jessica DiLaurentis and she takes the blame instead of the girls who walk free once again. Plus, we now know who is visiting whom in prison in 7×20 and it’s sad but rewarding at the same time because now we are certain that no one else is going to prison any time soon.

It left us quietly and without even a buzz; the game is finally off. But we still don’t know who A.D. is.

This episode, though, have given us a lot of clues about A.D. starting with the reminder of a certain aunt Carol Ward, who we all had forgotten about. And even though we don’t know A.D.’s identity yet, we do know that he/she left town on this episode and seemed really happy about it.

Questions for you: Who do you think A.D. is after these nine episodes of the Endgame? Do you think that Carol Ward has anything to do with A.D.’s identity?

Leave your comments below.

I’ll be back next week with a new post about the upcoming episode.

Until then, be careful to whom you spill out your secrets, Liars.


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