Pretty Little Liars Episode 7×20 “Til DeAth Do Us PArt” Review

Creepy. Crazy. Sad. Bittersweet. Memorable. Satisfying. Best finale I have ever watched, fingers crossed. And – oh, yes- I have watched a lot.

I don’t even know where to start. There are literally no words. And here I thought I won’t like this finale and it will be disappointing and that for the first time I would actually have something bad to say for these series, but I don’t. This is a finale that you can watch, even if you haven’t watched this show ever. It was a finale that had a beginning and –as was promised from the writers- a full circle ending.

The first scene that was connected to Mona looking into a snow globe was perfectly thought, designed and executed. And maybe it was also a sign for what it’s about to come. Plus, Mona made it through the episode untouched considering her physical health –thank God. I can’t say the same about her mental health, though. But that’s of course because we always loved Crazy-Mona and after her redemption and her happy ending, we wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to this show without first saying goodbye to Mona as we remember her and love her. As Crazy-Mona.

It seems that all couples had their happy endings that were established very beautifully and gradually during the whole one hour and a half of the episode. Alison had twins, which wasn’t a shock to me at all, and we even got a bonus scene with her proposing to Emily. No, you haven’t read it wrong; Alison proposed to Emily, not the other way around. Just beautiful. Really satisfying. Also, Haleb are expecting a baby even though they had some ups and downs in their relationship, Ezria finally got married after all the obstacles that got in their way and Spoby are back together despite all that they went through during this episode.

Speaking about that, I’m not going to spill anything regarding the identity of A.D. because it’s really worthwhile to just watch the show and if you haven’t yet, it’s time! I am only going to describe my whole experience throughout the reveal and my feelings about it and that’s it.

The signs and the clues were indeed all over the place. Most of us had figured it out but we hadn’t connected all the pieces. Well, the pieces are connected and the reveal was rewarding, satisfactory and it really filled all the plot holes. I was really scared when it happened -the creep factor was real, I’m telling you- and I was really afraid that this wasn’t going to end well, but it did and I’m glad for that. I loved Troian’s performance through the whole reveal, her acting was to the point that I thought that I should give her an Oscar, and the story behind A.D.’s identity was so creepy that it sent chills down my spine. Plus, A.D. was way more mentally ill than we all expected. If you think that Mona or CeCe were the craziest so far, think again. This person was living a normal life when in reality he/she should have been thrown somewhere even worse than Radley.

And having said that, I should mention what a great idea it was to have another dollhouse in the series. This new one came with some minor changes. It was more realistic, more scary, more suffocating and more it’s-made-by-a-really-mentally-ill-person kind of dollhouse. For a slight moment I even thought that there was truly no way out of that thing.

The only thing that made me truly sad during the reveal was Mary’s involvement. It seems that craziness runs in the family but to think that she would go down the same path once again, that was a huge mistake from her part. And here I thought adults should know better and learn from their mistakes. But, we should cut her some slack since her sins made her at least realize the importance of family, even if that meant protecting the wrong member of it instead of the right one. And I’m just going to add here that her character development went down the toilet. On the other hand, this show is about betrayals, so this is normal in Rosewood.

For the four last scenes I must say that Marlene managed to achieve the best five last minutes ever shown in a series finale episode. One of them even had a cameo of herself. She made two gestures that lasted a split second but they were the most iconic -as she promised again- gestures of the Pretty Little Liars series. And the second most iconic scene was the last one which ended the show leaving promises for a possible sequel in the future. Or, at least, that’s what we all hope.

It’s officially over. The game is over, the show is over and I think my life is now over, as well. I still hope, though, for another series to pop up and rock my world the same way PLL did. Another one that will make me cry, laugh, fall in love and, most of all, make theories over random numbers and letters – only because I couldn’t wait to see what happens. And now that I saw it, I want more. But I have to accept the fact that this is over.

So, this is goodbye to one of the best series I’ve ever watched and it’s also a big “thank you” to the creators and the cast for bringing this amazing show to life and for continuing to come up with all these astounding ideas to add up to its mystery for seven whole years. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And even if the show is over, you should always be careful to whom you spill out your secrets, Liars.


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