Talk Tuesday: Lets talk about the contraception

I personally have no issue talking about sex. It’s a common conversation with myself and my friends. What is apparent to me is how many of my friends don’t use more than one forms of contraception. Last week I flew out to Ibiza with some friends. What was supposed to be a casual trip ended up with me having an early night and loosing two friends to what can only be described as “Jack and Sam” from Essex. Imagine TOWIE stars with the aspiration of being from MIC. (If you’re American and none of these words make sense S.N.S). Anyway, both friends continued to have unprotected sex with these boys based on the fact that they where on the pill.

Now… to myself, personally I’m not on the pill, I was for six years and throughout that time I was on and off anxiety tablets, after reading I decided to stop taking it, I wasn’t in a relationship it didn’t matter to me. It wasn’t until I went to renew my prescriptions that I realised that I had forgotten to take my anxiety medication for over two weeks and I felt fine. Yes I will admit that condoms are not the most romantic part of my current relationship but my boyfriend doesn’t mind and neither do I.

So on this talk tuesday we are asking you:

  1. Have you had a good experience with the pill?
  2. Have you had a bad experience with the pill?
  3. Have you ever taken it?

Answer over at alatteofcoffee_ and let us know your stories




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