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Tuesday Thoughts and Wednesday Wisdom: #Relationships

Morning all,

This Tuesday thoughts and Wednesday wisdom comes in one post to you. Not because it refused to post last night when I wanted it to  *passive aggressive emoji style* but obviously because here at ALOC we schedule our posts so that you guys only have to read one.  So the topic of tuesday thoughts is relationships. What is right and what is wrong?

Now personally I have very few rules when it comes to relationships:

  1. They must like me for being me – I am a bit quirky and silly so for me it’s important that they embrace this and don’t try to change it
  2. They must be able to comfort me when I need them to – I’m an anxious person so tough love doesn’t work for me
  3. We need to have some similar interests


Thats it mainly.

So what I’m asking for is your relationship musts, what you where looking for that you didn’t get, want and what you need



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