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Friday Film: “Don’t Breathe”

What if you decided to break into a house and ended up finding out that the actual villain isn’t you but the owner of the house you just entered? And what if you, who just found a way to get inside this house, couldn’t get outside?

A movie that couldn’t escape my list of favorites is Fede Alvarez’s 2016 thriller “Don’t Breathe”. He is also the creator and writer of 2013 horror movie “Evil Dead” alongside Rodo Sayagues who is also a screenwriter for “Don’t Breathe”. This time though they both put all their efforts to create this film which is so amazing that the title is what you are going to be doing while you watch it.

Rocky (Jane Levy) is a young woman who wants to create a better life for her and her sister and decides to break into the house of a wealthy blind veteran with her boyfriend Money (Daniel Zovatto) and their friend Alex (Dylan Minnette). With their perfect plan and the right means to purchase the key to the man’s house they succeed in breaking and entering it only to find out that The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) isn’t as harmless as he seems and his secrets are darker and more disturbing than a robbery.

The exciting thing about this film is that it actually serves its purpose. The title is not only catchy enough and easy to remember if you watch the trailer before its release and you are interested in watching the movie in theaters, but also when you finally watch this movie you are constantly holding your breathe experiencing the same intense situations and the agony the main characters are going through. Because who expects to get in trouble by entering the house of a lonely and especially blind man?

The characters are the love-to-hate kind and they are the ones that keeps you on a constant anxiety and makes you sympathize with them after having made you hate them for trying to steal from a disabled and seemingly harmless man. The Blind Man on the other hand is triggering these feelings backwards. Because it won’t be long until you stop feeling sorry for him and start thinking that maybe he deserves worst than you originally thought. But what can be worse than robbing a blind man, right?

As for the storyline, it’s actually pretty interesting and particularly unique minding all the thrillers that have come out since 1920. Apart from the concept of stealing from a blind man, the story behind everything that happens and the why they happen seems familiar to most of thriller movie lovers but different at the same time considering the result that comes out because of the story. The real question you find yourselves asking is what made a blind veteran become so ruthless and revengeful and clearly the answer doesn’t include the fact that these children broke into his house.

The critics and the reviews for this movie were good and the ratings went high exactly because it was maybe the best thriller movie that got released on 2016. Whoever watched it in theaters left satisfied and the rumor that there’s going to be a “Don’t Breathe 2” movie is making us even more excited and ready to keep our breaths again for the sequel that I’m sure it’s going to be as amazing as the first film.

You were looking for an epic film to watch this weekend? Check out “Don’t Breathe” and get ready to not make even a breathing sound during it. The Blind Man is near.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.

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