Friday Film: “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”

When Guy Richie decided to bring the story of the legendary King Arthur and his sword Excalibur to the big screen, this is the outcome. And I believe the two words that can describe it best is “utterly stunning” .

This time I will introduce to you one of the best action movies of 2017, in my opinion, which entered my list of favorites from the very first scene. Guy Richie’s “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is a bizarre but breathtaking version of the story of King Arthur as we know it but with some differences that are there to make this movie epic. And because it’s Guy Richie who created it, you can imagine what is going to be like considering his previous works which were also -of course- epic. We are talking about the guy who directed all movies of “Sherlock Holmes” plus “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch”, “RocknRolla”, “Revolver” and the list keeps going.

Uther (Eric Bana) is the father of Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) who is betrayed by his evil brother Vortigern (Jude Law) because he wants to take the throne and rule with the help of some kind of dark magic. Arthur is saved by Uther while he is still an infant and he is sent away and grows up in Londinium by some ladies of the night. When he is finally a grown man he pulls the legendary sword Excalibur out of the rock and is forced to face his fate starting some kind of revolution that will help him defeat Vortigern avenging his father and taking back the throne that belongs to him.

The movie gets you hooked from the very first scene which is instantly taking you to a journey to the medieval time where the story of King Arthur is located. The epic game-of-thrones-style scenes combined with a little bit of the-lord-of-the-rings kind of fantastic creatures are the reason the action scenes of this film startle you and take your breath away. And after the moment Arthur grasps the Excalibur, every fight scene turns into a slow-motion breathtaking full of effects kind one. The kind that are so stunning that you will watch them again and again completely hypnotized and possessed by the glory they offer you.

One of the main reasons this movie got into my list of favorites is the different storyline. It is a unique version of the story we already know combined with the elements of magic and in a world where strange animals and creatures exist. The even more incredible thing this film has is how fast the development and the story move. So fast that it sometimes seems like they actually cut the scenes completely wrong but after the movie ends you actually realize that these were the best cuts ever made in a movie like this and if it weren’t for this cuts, the movie wouldn’t be as epic as it was.

Of course I can’t leave out an analysis for the perfect characters and actors of this film. I don’t have much to say about the actors since all three are already familiar to you but I have to point out the Charlie Hunnam element of this movie. We’ve seen him in many movies playing roles which are considered rebellious and this is exactly why he was so suited for this role and he gave Arthur the exact persona that Guy Richie had in mind. And as for the characters, they are all perfectly developed and of course Jude Law is a love-to-hate kind of villain which is enough for the viewers to get completely attached and sympathize with the drama Arthur is going through.

If you are a fan of epic medieval action movies or a fan of the story of the legend King Arthur, this is a must-watch movie for you. It’s different from what you’ve already experienced in the previous attempts from other directors of telling this story and it’s simply amazing.

Check it out and i’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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