What I wish I had known when I started University


Around this time last year I prepared myself to move out to start my first big adventure: University. I remember how excited and scared I was. Everything seemed so uncertain. Would I make friends or would I get homesick a lot?  How do you do laundry? Am I gonna be a good student? What if I can’t afford pasta? All these questions in my head were about to drive me crazy.
That being said, it  was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life and you can rock it too! To make it a little easier, I figured I’d come up with a few pro-tips – from student to student. 

1. You will need to pack things you probably haven’t even thought about !

-> Tip: walk around the house and put everything you want to take on a list and then let your parents add some things 

I read thousands of ‘what to take to university’ lists when I first got my acceptance letter , but I was never quite happy with what I found…they just didn’t seem extensive enough or they always missed something. My biggest fear at the time was to forget something really important like..toilet paper or my beloved scented candle. My parents really helped me a lot during that time and parents never let you forget the odd item you never even thought about 😉

2.  Everyone is in the same boat, don’t be shy: Say hi!

-> Tip : When you arrive at your new home, knock on your flatmates doors and introduce yourself. Now is the perfect time to break the ice. 

It might be the biggest cliché going, but clichés tend to be clichés for a reason. You’re most likely moving in with a bunch of strangers and you will have to spend at least a year living with them…good thing everyone is in the same boat. Everyone will be a little bit insecure and desperate to make friends, so use that to your advantage. 

Leave your bedroom door open while you unpack or go knock on some doors, just remember: relax, you’ll be fine. 

3. Go to as many freshers events as you can!

-> Tip: Don’t just focus on partying, go to things that seem a little weird: like a treasure hunt for example. The activities that don’t involve heavy drinking and loud music give you opportunities to start proper conversations.

I know, budgeting is important and it is essential ,but it’a also important to be socially active and available. Freshers events are where you make your first friends that don’t live with you. They will be the ones listening to you when your flatmate has used all the milk…once again.

4. Didn’t find any interesting societies on your students union website? Go to the fair anyway !

-> Tip: Chances are you’ll discover some societies that are just starting out and aren’t on the website….didn’t find anything ? Start your own society. 

Often known as “Freshers Fair” this is were all the societies showcase their works and try to recruite new members. But even if you aren’t interested: there is a high possibility that you’ll be able to find the one or the other freebie on you way. case of the societies that are available on campus. A lot of people skip this, but it’s a great way to hear about the societies you never would’ve known existed (gaming ? Drama? Vegan society, anyone? ).

5. Don’t worry if you aren’t the life of the party!

-> Tip: Like I said, take part in activities that sound a little weird or maybe your uni will organise a movie night or a cooking lesson. Whatever it is, there’s plenty of opportunities to make friends without getting wasted. 

Whilst a lot of activities will involve drinking, you don’t necessarily have to join  every single party. Making friends doesn’t depend on the amount of beers you can down. If you’re not feeling it, don’t force yourself cause you will waste money and not enjoy your night.

Another advantage of not being a party animal is: you are less likely to suffer from freshers flu. When everyone is gonna be sick and dying in their beds, you can go and explore your new city. How great is that?

Last but not least….

Just be yourself and have fun, the rest will follow. Being a student is one of the best times of your life. It’s gonna be hard and there’s gonna be times where you want to give up but you won’t because in the end all the laughter and experiences make up for it.

Congratulations you made it to University !

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