Friday Film: “Before I Go to Sleep”

Here’s a movie I never would have thought that will enter my list of favourites and yet it did. And why wouldn’t it, really?

I am referring to the 2014 Rowan Joffe’s thriller “Before I Go to Sleep”, and yes, Rowan is the guy who directed the awesome science fiction movie “28 Weeks Later” plus “The American” and “Brighton Rock”. In this movie, though, he had a little bit of help when it comes to the script since the film is based on S.J. Watson’s “Before I Go to Sleep” novel. Rowan gladly managed to transform the journal style of the book into perfect screen images that reflected exactly what the main character was experiencing not only during her real life but also during the visions she had of the life she couldn’t remember.

Christine (Nicole Kidman) wakes up every morning not remembering what she did the day before from her mid-20s onwards because of a traumatic accident she experienced in the past. All she learns every morning she wakes up is that she is living with her husband Ben (Colin Firth), who is supporting her in every step of the way, and that her therapist is Dr. Nasch (Mark Strong), who is calling her every day reminding her that there is a camera hidden inside her house in which she records at the end of every day what happened during it.

One of the factors that made this movie great was of course the three incredible actors that are portraying the main characters. Despite not having seen Nicole Kidman playing in a good movie the last three years, this was one of her best roles she delivered perfectly and she was the best pick in my opinion in playing a woman who has amnesia and needs to figure out who was responsible for it. Colin Firth on the other hand is this mysterious husband who seems too good to be true and yet he still doesn’t let you decide whether he is as perfect as he seems. And last but not least, Mark Strong, the pure and innocent doctor who is there to help Christine going through this tough time of her life.

As I mentioned earlier, Rowan Joffe did a great job making S. J. Watson’s book a movie. This is why the storyline of the film doesn’t have any major differences to the book and that’s what makes it even more worthwhile to watch. In fact, it’s really spectacular how Rowan succeeded in transforming the book into this great movie and how he managed to deliver every aspect of it into screen images. Still, you will have to watch the movie to really appreciate what I’m pointing out here because it’s better to actually see the great work he did instead of having me telling you all about it.

Apart from the great cast and the story, the main reason that made this movie magnificent is the element of the mystery that defines it. It’s the kind of the thriller movie that gets you hooked since the minute it starts and keeps you exited enough to continue watching it until the end because, of course, you have to learn what’s really going on and what is true or not. It’s clear that the actors play an important role on the whole mystery but also the mystery itself is good enough to get this movie instantly to the best movies of 2014.

If you were prejudiced about this film like I was before and you haven’t watched it yet, it’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy “Before I Go to Sleep” on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to try watching it because I promise you won’t regret it.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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