All the broken hearts in the world still beat, lets not make it harder than it has to be

“Girls chase boys, Chase girls” – Ingrid Michaelson


I watch people a lot. I’m that sociopath that makes up stories about strangers in the street. For all you know you’re Maggie in my head, Maggie has two cats but secretly wishes her boyfriend had already proposed to her so she could explain the four pinterest boards about weddings. There’s the guy who always buys a mocha at the starbucks in London Euston, like daily. In my head he works down the road and goes there everyday to flirt with a 22 year old barista that has dreams of being an actress. They’re people to me, the people I see daily become part of my life, whether they know it or not. There are people that smile at me on the train between Manchester Oxford Road and Leeds, if they don’t smile at me I assume they’re sad and then I over think the whole day about whether they are okay.

This story starts with a pug, the cutest pug I might have ever seen and to be honest I hate pugs and find them really ugly and annoying, they have that wheezy breathing thing and I’m over them being the cutest dog. Anyway, back to the pug, it was cute. So I decided that it was a slow morning, I was late to meetings and what the hell would my boss care if I stroked a dog on the train. So the owner of Mable started talking to me, in my head his name was Ian, he owned two convertable cars that he never used because of the english weather and was taking the pug to meet his new girlfriend tilly.  Well today was the day I learnt that my judgement of people is so wrong.

This guys name was Thomas, Thomas bought his dog for his fiance at which point she left him for a swimming teacher because Thomas couldn’t afford to keep the dog.  I tried to show some sympathy for Thomas, at which point he replied: I used to chase girls, Now I spend my life chasing this dog.


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