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Friday Film: “Exam”

What would it be like if you had to take an exam to show your skills to the employers of the new job you really want to get? And what if there was only one question asked which you aren’t able to see on the piece of paper that was given to you, hence you can’t answer it?

These two questions are – almost – the only questions answered in the 2009 thriller movie called “Exam” and Stuart Hazeldine is the one responsible for this masterpiece that is currently placed at the top of my list of favorite movies. He recently became known through his work in the 2017 fantasy filmThe Shack” which shows a growing popularity and seems to be another one of his remarkable works. As far as the “Exam” is concerned, though, he shared his splendid talent in screenwriting with Simon Garrity and together they made this horrific, breathtaking, unexpected and genius film that even after eight whole years it still is one of a kind.

Eight capable and talented people were chosen among others to participate in the final stage of the selection of the one and only person that is qualified to start working in a mysterious and very powerful corporation. Each candidate was given one piece of paper and only eighty minutes to answer one simple question that has only one answer. The problem is that the sheets are all blank and nobody knows or can see the question. The exam takes place in a windowless room and there are three rules given to them that, whoever disobeys them, immediately becomes disqualified and gets excluded from the test: don’t talk to the armed guard by the door, don’t spoil your papers and don’t leave the room.

“Exam” is, of course, similar to other movies like “The Cube” or “The Belko Experiment” with the difference that it actually is the most awesome of them all. Sure, you get a bunch of people locked up in a room with a riddle they have to solve in order to survive or get whatever it is they want to get, but, the mystery the “Exam” offers you is nothing like the other movies similar to it. And even more better is the fact that the reason all these things happen is probably what makes it even more badass than it already is. Because who would have thought that, not knowing a question, can bring out the worst in anyone who faces a situation like that?

Each of the characters is unique and you wouldn’t be able to forget them since the movie gets you attached to everyone of them from the very beginning. They are all so different from each other that the creator’s intention is basically crystal clear: there is no diversion when it comes to choosing the most brilliant mind or the most qualified person for a seat in the table of a huge corporation like this. And as the story slowly unfolds, the true identity of every character comes to light only to keep them more far away from finding the question.

This film succeeds in keeping you on pins and needles and makes you work your brain so hard on the damn question, that you actually put yourself in the cast’s shoes trying to figure out how you would be able to handle a predicament like this, if you could handle it at all. Do you think you can? Are you sure you will be able to figure out the question as the story of the “Exam” unfolds? Of course you won’t be able to find out if you don’t watch it.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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