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Friday Film: “In the Heart of the Sea”

For those who love adventure films and for the ones who worship and cherish those quiet and peaceful moments where you’re just sitting on a cozy sofa reading a perfectly good classic novel, I have the perfect movie for you guys. But, the latter, instead of reading it, this time they will simply watch it. And, of course, it’s also for those who adore Chris Hemsworth – for my kind, that is.

In the Heart of the Sea” is the 2015 adventure film directed by Ron Howard, who is also known for many incredible movies such as “Apollo 13”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Rush”, “Cinderella Man” and “The Missing”. The movie is based on the book “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essexwritten by Nathaniel Philbrick and is short of an adaptation of one of the greatest classic novels of the 20th centuryMoby Dick; or, The Whale” written by Herman Melville. The film actually succeeds in telling us its story so amazingly perfect that it immediately fell right into my list of favorites.

The movie stars Brendan Gleeson as Tom Nickerson, who is being persuaded by Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) to recount a story that chronicles back to 1819. He begins narrating the story of a whaling ship, named “Essex”, which was under the command of George Polland Jr (Benjamin Walker), with Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) as its first mate and got attacked by an enormously huge white whale that got them wandering in the ocean with no food and water, trying to escape from this beast that was still after them throughout their entire journey.

The storyline is exactly the same tale that was told in Philbrick’s book. It’s so frighteningly astonishing that gets you hooked on what the characters are experiencing and succeeds in establishing a great horrifying element, making you sympathize with them as if you were also there yourself. Of course, it’s always terrifying to think that a whale that size can actually exist, but to also having to face the creature is an even scarier factor added to the whole experience this movie offers you.

The very talented cast of this movie is also another factor that makes it so magnificent. Chris Hemsworth plays a different role from the ones we were used to seeing him, keeping a rather serious profile and getting into the whole survival-instinct acting, while Cillian Murphy delivers one of his best performances getting you more attached to his character than any other time. And while you are desperate to watch what happens to those two amazing characters, Brendan Gleeson is the reason you are watching this story unfold, since he finally decided to unburden himself from a secret that’s being haunting him for the most of his life.

Despite the great cast and the awesome storyline, the movie has a great variety of special effects to offer you. From the gigantic white whale to the trials and tribulations the characters and the poor shipwreck are experiencing, this film is made exactly as it was supposed to. The work that’s been done for this story to become a masterpiece for the big screen is obvious and is, of course, one of the main reasons this film is one of the best adventure films I’ve ever seen.

If you are a fan of long adventurous journeys taking place in the dangerous but, yet, so beautiful ocean, this is a movie you have to watch. And obviously this is the perfect movie for those who loved the homonymous book or the original one. Have a seat and enjoy this marvelous journey for it is far more fantastic than you’ve ever imagined.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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