I am so glad I decided to ignore the critics and go watch this film which proved to be way greater than I anticipated probably because the reviews were so harsh on it. It must be the second time a brand new movie enters my list of favourites and I felt like I had to review it immediately for those who are still reluctant to try it out on the big screen. Do not think about it twice; go watch it while you still can.

The anticipated 2017 action film “Justice League”, created by Zack Snyder and based on the DC Comics’ comic books, is already out and it is awesome. Zack Snyder is already known for his work in the films “Watchmen”, “Man of Steel”, “Sucker Punch”, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “300”. While this movie has a rather mainstream storyline since it is about a union of superheroes, it is pleasant to watch and, even if you are not a fan of superhero films, you will enjoy every aspect of it. And the fact that critics went mad about a film which every one of us enjoyed is something I still cannot comprehend.

In order to defeat a great enemy who threatens to destroy the planet, Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) decides to assemble a team of metahumans with the help of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). But, despite their efforts, they are unable to save the world and they are forced to find another way to eliminate the threat by doing the unthinkable.

The main factor which made this film amazing is the chemistry between the characters and the smooth way they all come together and bond, although they are complete strangers to one another. Seeing six completely different characters in the same room discussing and interacting with each other, each one putting at least one unique aspect of their character on every line he/she mouths, is beyond magnificent. Furthermore the team blended together in such a natural way that it felt like they have been hanging out since they were children but we did not know it. And that was actually perfectly accomplished without missing the proper introduction for each one of these heroes in a movie that lasted only 110 minutes.

The comic element is something that cannot be missed from this review. The hilarious lines served perfectly by these actors are exactly what this movie needed since it is about an alliance between six different superhero characters. Watching Batman teasing Aquaman (Jason Momoa) without losing his seriousness and keeping a straight face is unique, and do not get me started on The Flash’s (Ezra Miller) hilarious childish lines because this review will never end. Plus, adding the funny element in the mainly dark Zack Snyder’s films was a nice, and in some parts, necessary change and makes this movie even more worthwhile to watch.

Last but not least is of course the action this movie offers which is filled with the classic epic action scenes of the DC’s superhero movies. Magnificent and awesome are the two words that come pretty close to describe the chills I got from these action scenes but still cannot fully depict the perfect work that has been done when it comes to cinematography. From the Batman’s and Wonder Woman’s entrance to the very last battle, the action was great, with no camera shakes, perfectly focused on every detail of the fights captions and with some very unique touches that bring out the different abilities every character possesses which make you actually want to be one of them or all of them at once.

Stop reading the reviews, even this one, and just go and watch this masterpiece which brings all these characters together in one movie and is something you will not be able to fully experience in the sequel that it is already announced to happen in the future. Just go.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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