10 Adorable Date Ideas that Don’t require lots of Money

If you’re anything like me (not just the love of Coffee and Cocktails), then you probably spend a lot of money doing things. Like whether it’s dinner out with friends or just shopping on Amazon. Everything that you do seems to cost something. This year I’m taking part in a challenge that we are going to try and do as many dates as possible without spending money or a lot of money … this is hard in a city.

Here is my list of ideas:

  1. Film Night In
  2. Go For a Romantic Walk
  3. Go For A Picnic
  4. Indoor Beach Party
  5. Games Night
  6. Build A Bonfire
  7. Cinema Trip
  8. Museum Trip
  9. Play Video Games Together
  10. Camping Trip


These were just to start off with, it was a list we created following a bottle of wine and some kettle chips. Obviously, we will need more ideas and this is where you guys come in, give me your name, idea and blog name and you’ll get total credit and for the best idea, we have a coffee voucher.


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