I’ve had some issues this year. There have been people in my life that are just not the normal kind of people that I would associate myself with. It’s my own fault, I let people treat me the way they do. I’m a kind and helpful person and I allow them to take advantage of that.

Now if it was someone else and they were telling me all the things that someone had done to them, my advice would be simple.

Treat others how you would like to be treated, if someone is treating you how you would never treat someone then try to resolve it or move on

That’s just it isn’t it. We are all too quick to give people advice, but we never take it ourselves. I have spent my life with boyfriends who have been awful people to me and if any of my friends were in that position they would be told to leave someone straight away. I never did that.  Back to my friends though, the advice I would give them would be simple … cut out the toxic people from your life. The people who can’t accept you when you’re happy because they’re sad. The people who will put you down because they’re unhappy. The people who tell you-you’re ugly and how would someone want to be with you. When you begin to type it all out it sounds awful.

It is awful.

I’m not standing for it anymore.

So my new year’s resolutions are to make some good friends, some couple friends, some friends that understand that work is hard. Life changes and you cannot be the same person forever.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


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