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Riverdale Episode 2×10 “Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle” Recap

After a short break that felt like a long one, Riverdale is back with a brand new episode and a lot more new mysteries ready to blow our minds. And what is up with all the creepiness in this one? Since this is an episode recap I suggest for anyone who has not watched the new episode yet to not continue reading this because huge spoilers are on the way.

First major appearance was that of our favourite family “The Blossoms”, and who said that they cannot get any more mental and creepy than they already are? I have got some great news for you guys. Penelope Blossom apparently has got a new lease of life since she chose to work as “a woman of the night”, as quoted by the marvelous – and also a bit mental – Cheryl Blossom. Of course money is not the reason she does that and since the moment she and Cheryl started competing against each other for who is the meanest, I think the prize once again goes to Penelope. Who thought that Cheryl had any chance, anyway?

Meanwhile, Polly Cooper makes an appearance after such a long time just to inform us that the twins were finally born healthy and well. The “well” there is an overstatement, though, if we take into consideration that she has also joined a cult. After learning that Clifford Blossom killed his own son and The Black Hood’s appearance all that was missing from this rollercoaster of madness in this show is an actual cult. And that is not even the creepiest factor of this episode. But we will get to that, too, soon.

For the time being, another huge bomb dropped in Riverdale after Southside High got shut down and all the students who were attending it were transferred to Riverdale High. It did not take too much time for the “high-class” students to turn against the new Serpent arrivals, including our dearest Jughead. As a result, Jughead decided to form a “Sword and Serpents Club”, which will be operating inside Riverdale High so that the Serpents can have their own space and not distance themselves from their ordinary life and daily schemes. This, of course, means trouble in the near future but the good thing is that we got more Dark Jughead in our lives like we wanted.

On the other hand, justice might be on its way since Archie had a “special” visitor. A certain Special-Agent-Adams-with-the-FBI met him asking him for help to bring Hiram Lodge down along with his criminal activities. Archie, willing to assist him, learns about Nick St. Clair’s sexual assault towards Veronica and Cheryl and tracks him down only to find out that he had a weird accident after leaving Riverdale – guess who. By the way, should we start calling him “Dark Archie”, too, since he also beat Nick up for revenge? And do not forget all the beating he has been doing since Season 2 started – it was about time, by the way. Did I also mention that he actually said that the real Black Hood is still out there? I did not buy that Mr. Svenson was The Black Hood but I needed someone to actually confirm it, just to be sure. But, who is he?

Veronica is still involved with her parents’ business and I still cannot understand whether she is as bad as them or just plays along and has an ultimate hidden agenda that will bring them both down along with their illegal business. And while she is lying to everyone including Archie, he decides to come clean to her about the Barchie moment we all tried to forget during the holidays – sorry Barchie shippers but I just cannot seem to find a fit between these two. It seemed pretty normal that she forgave him considering that currently it looks like she is as corrupted as her parents.

As promised, I kept the creepiest and most expected and exciting thing that happened on this episode for last. We have been waiting for Betty’s brother revelation since the last episode of the previous Season and, of course, we did not wait long. Charles Smith is Betty’s long lost brother and not only did we learn his identity, but we also saw the guy and got introduced to him through Betty and her mother. And, of course, he is not the awesome big brother I was hoping he would be. How did I expect Dark Betty’s brother to be a normal human being in the first place? I did not see that coming and yet it does make so much sense that he is not even close to being human at all and clearly he is more psychopath than even all of the Blossoms combined.

This episode was as awesome and fast-paced as every one of Riverdale’s episodes and I just need more of these. Cannot wait for the next episode considering the many questions I need answered and the huge anxiety I have about the things that will happen.

Questions for you: Who is our new suspect of being the Black Hood? What do you think is wrong with Betty’s brother? What are his motives?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.

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