Friday Film: “Get Out”

What would you do if you found yourself in a situation from which you cannot get out for reasons that are inexplicable or seem unreal for a normal human being? What happens when even the people around you are not only strangers to you but also seem unwilling to help you?

“Get Out” is the kind of movie that will answer all of these questions for you and many more and it will remind you a little bit of “The Skeleton Key” film but it will not be similar to it at all. From the actor Jordan Peele known for his appearance in various films such as “Keanu“, “Little Fockers” and “Wanderlust“, this is his first work as a director and he did such a great job that the 2017 mystery film “Get Out” is nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and is considered as one of the frontrunners for the top prize.

Chris Washington (Daniel KaluuyaJohnny English Reborn, Black Mirror, Sicario) is the African American boyfriend of a white rich girl named Rose Armitage (Allison WilliamsPeter Pan Live!, Girls) who is invited to meet her parents for a weekend in their estate in the woods. While there, he will discover that things are not the way he was imagining they will be and he will find himself trapped in a nightmare from which he needs to find a way to get out immediately.

The first and major element that places this film in my list of favourites and as one of the best films – at least for 2017 – is the way the mystery is unfolded along with the mystery itself. For those who do not watch movie trailers before they watch the actual movie like I do, this is among the ones that can get you really confused when it comes to guessing what is going on and how this is going to end. The build up of the mystery is so impressive that you are actually getting the creepy chills that the film wants you to get while you are constantly sinking deep into the situation and you start to sympathize with the characters in a level that you also want to get out of this as fast as you can.

While the mystery is the center of this awesome movie, the storyline is what makes it so creepy and terrific. From the very first scene to the last one, this is a plot that aims to unravel and make you experience the full terror of some major historic facts we are all aware that they were actually happening in the past. In addition, “Get Out” goes very deep into this reality but it also combines it with some bits of very unique supernatural elements, which are designed to put you into the whole mystery without making you center around them and forget that what you are watching is something opposite to supernatural – but not natural at all.

“Get Out” is a film which, for the first time, I cannot call “a masterpiece” since it is beyond that. Gather some friends and enjoy this authentic and unique movie, relax and do not get out. Let the film do that for you.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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