Riverdale Episode 2×11 “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler” Recap

Is it just me or this Riverdale episode was too informing for us? For me it was also a bit boring but I guess after getting so many revelations in the previous episode, we had to take a break from all these and focus on some new stuff that were added to the whole storyline of the show and left us with more unanswered questions. Let me remind you to not proceed reading this unless you have watched the new episode.

When Hiram Lodge got released and back into Lodge’s life, we were waiting to see what his deal is. It was about time for us to get a full picture and completely understand with whom we are up against. And as a matter of fact, he is, indeed, the Devil himself. We all expected him to be really bad news but he is much more ruthless than we thought and his criminal activities are not even the problem here. I cannot wait for him to get arrested and thrown into jail for good. As for what we learned for him in this episode, I will get there soon, I promise.

Since the beginning of this episode we were expecting a big event to take place at the end of it, which was titled as “Pickens Day”. It turned out that we were completely wrong-informed about the whole history behind it. And who unraveled the truth? It was, of course, Jughead, who interviewed the oldest Serpent in town, Toni’s grandfather, and wrote an article about it. The real story dates way back when Colonel Barnabas B. Blossom hired the Founded Father of Sweetwater Valley, General Augustus Edward Pickens, to slaughter nearly four hundred Native Americans who were originally living there.

Putting that aside for a while, crazy does run in the Coopers’ family after all since Betty’s brother Chic admitted to also have a Dark Side just like Betty does. In addition to that, he is also a web video camera gigolo who, apparently, does that in order to escape from his real identity and be anyone else he wants. Did you really think that he would not implicate Betty into that situation as well? Plus, I cannot fully comprehend why Betty still cares and does not worry at all about this guy she just met? Admitting that he was watching her while she was sleeping is enough for me to realize that he has full mentality issues. It turns out that Hal Cooper is right this time and I cannot believe that I am actually taking his side every time he offends Chic.

Veronica is still sinking deep into the Lodge’s Industries and its corrupted activities. This time, she manipulated Josie into agreeing to perform on Pickens Day. But her mother, Mayor McCoy, informs her about Veronica’s intents and the fact that in the event there might be a riot because of Jughead’s article and Josie decides to not perform with The Pussycats. So, Veronica performs in her place instead, becoming the lead singer of The Pussycats. How much longer will we have to deal with her bitchy moves?

Moving on to Archie’s whereabouts, in an attempt to get closer to Hiram Lodge as instructed by Special-Agent-Adams-with-the-FBI, he takes part in Riverdale High’s Wrestling Team, which Captain was Hiram back in the day (!), and actually succeeds in winning a fight against Chuck Clayton using Hiram’s signature move. Both he and Hiram are antagonizing each other throughout this whole episode while Hiram finally shows us his true colours and how much evil he is. In the end, Archie succeeds in impressing him and earning his appraisal and respect which result in Hiram becoming Archie’s tutor of the business world. I guess Archie has finally managed to infiltrate in Lodge’s Industries without Hiram noticing his true intentions, which are to bring him down along with his criminal empire.

Last but not least, a headless General Pickens statue is the last thing we see as the episode closes but no one yet knows the people responsible for this act of vandalism. The Lodge’s along with Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy are planning how to deal with this. The first suspects of this crime are – guess who – the Serpents, of course, since they did riot and ruined Pickens Day because of the murderous acts of General Pickens. As you all guessed, Hiram is more than happy to deal with this situation.

I cannot wait to find out what happens next with all this new craziness that goes around Riverdale. Plus, of course I never forget the fact that we still need to know who was the Black Hood, if he is going to strike again and why did he frame an innocent person in order to lay low after doing all these murders. Is he, maybe, a coward? Or did he regret his own terrible actions? I hope we get some answers for this matter soon.

Questions for you: Is Betty really going to do live web camera performances like Chic does? Will Archie succeed in collecting enough evidence for Hiram’s arrest? Who do you think are responsible for decapitating the statue?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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