It’s a long journey but I’m getting there

* This post has been created by our long-term reader called Katlyn. Katyln wants to share the importance of understanding anxiety and depression and has very bravely shared her story with you all and how she has managed to get back on track. However, due to the nature of this subject, we have added the trigger warning of anxiety and depression to this post. 

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I know this is probably the seventeenth post that you’ve read about anxiety and depression. They’re on the internet all the time, click bait sites post them with “how to cure your depression in sixteen ways”, none of the ways work. They don’t for me anyway.

I was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of sixteen, I think from the symptoms that I have had it since the age of thirteen. My teachers put it down to perfectionism, I liked to be the best, I was competitive but the good type of competition. I didn’t put people down but I worked hard and liked to be that one step ahead of everyone else. The problem with wanting to be the best was that you began to overthink, it led to hiding, it led to wanting to be on your own.

I hid from all my friends, so they stopped inviting me out. This turned the sadness into a monster that told me what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that I was fat and ugly, that nobody liked me and that I didn’t deserve to be a person.


I got help, I deserve to be a person. I worked with a therapist. I am getting on the right road to recovery and I urge everyone out there who is struggling with their emotions to get the right type of help.

You matter. You will always matter. Mental Health Matters!


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