Riverdale Episode 2×12 “Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the Divine” Recap

The fight between the Serpents and the Northsiders’ authorities continues and this is actually the least of our worries right now as it turned out in this brand new episode of Riverdale. Before I get into more details I should warn you again that if you did not watch yesterday night’s episode, you should not proceed.

While Veronica is busy with her Catholic confirmation ceremony, she decides to go for a confession since her sins – let’s face it – are a lot and continue making us asking more questions about her whereabouts or her sanity. Always worried for Archie, of course, she advises him to stay far away from her father because he is – as it turns out – a mobster. When she fails to convince him to stay away, she tells her daddy to not get him more involved into their business anymore but we still do not know Hiram’s decision when it comes to that. Good thing she does not know Archie’s intentions yet, because throughout the whole episode I was worried that she would blow everything up.

In the meantime, Archie goes even deeper into Hiram’s world of criminality after getting congratulations from Hiram himself about his decision to beat up Nick St. Clair, even though he was disabled from the bottom down. This time, Archie is asked to be the host of a poker game between Hiram and his equally – and even worse than him – criminal friends which would take place in Pop’s. Archie is thrilled to attend it, refusing to get wired as Agent Adams wants him to. While there, he accidentally hears one of Hiram’s guests, nicknamed Poppa Poutine, saying that he wants to take down Hiram since he has gotten reckless and acts irrationally, considering among others that he is working with his wife’s ex-boyfriend Fred Andrews. Archie decides to inform Hiram about this and – guess what – we later learn that Poppa Poutine was found dead. That escalated quickly, even for someone like Hiram.

On the other side of the town, the statue’s head did a long road until ending up in Jughead’s and Betty’s hands along with the person responsible for decapitating it. And that was actually very convenient for Jughead since that person tried to exile him from the Serpents by bringing Penny Peabody back from whichever hole she had hidden herself in to tell everybody what Jughead did to her. The award goes to Tall Boy who not only did he decapitated the statue and lied about it, but he also planned that along with Hiram in order for Mayor McCoy to evict the Serpents and cause chaos among them so that he could bring Penny back to take down FP and Jughead together. Nice plan, Tall Boy. Too bad it backfired and took you down instead of our beloved Jones. Good thing the statue’s head was delivered to Hiram letting him know that the truth has come out. I am wondering if we are closer to his arrest for good this time.

As for Betty, our worries about her starting live web camera performances were totally accurate since she did in fact start doing what her brother does. On top of that, she lied to Jughead about getting involved with anyone else while they were broken up although he admitted to her that he did “some stuff” with Toni. I am waiting in excitement, eating my popcorns until that backfires and bite her now that she and Jughead are back together. That’s right Bughead fans, the moment has come for you to cry with joy until they break up again because Betty’s darkness cannot seem to let her think straight anymore.

Speaking about darkness, it seems that this is the correct word when it comes to specifying what stems from all the Coopers. The strangest thing happened when Betty got home from Jughead’s house. Seeing Alice Cooper calmly mopping the blood, that was coming out of one of Chic’s unknown visitors, from her living room’s floor, was a sight for sore eyes and a once in a lifetime experience for us. What happened exactly no one knows yet but, remember when I told you last time that I am on Hal’s side when it comes to the comments he does about Chic? I cannot wait to see his face and his I-told-you-so expression when he learns about this.

Two dead guys in this episode, one of whom we know nothing about, and I am still on pins and needles to see what happens next. Plus, I really missed Cheryl this episode and I cannot wait to see how her story turns out after all the secrets we still have not learned about her family’s business.

Questions for you: What happened in the Coopers’ house? What is the deal with Chic anyway? Will Hiram let go of Archie or continue getting him deeper into his business?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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