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Friday Film: “Fracture”

For this week’s suggestion there is a film which has stuck in my head although I did watch it back when it was originally released – and then re-watched it like three more times. Since I am a huge fan of whichever material is centered on legal cases or law enforcement or lawyers in a court, if you are not interested in stuff like these, I suggest you give this film a chance because it is not only about a criminal case analyzed in a courthouse.

Fracture” is the 2007 thriller film directed by Gregory Hoblit, the same guy who also directed “Primal Fear”, another one of my favourite movies which I am sure I will review some other day, along with “Fallen” and “Frequency”. Gregory Hoblit has already proved to us that he is a mastermind when it comes to crime thriller films and this one is another one of his great works which also includes a great choice of actors to star in this masterpiece.

Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) is a wealthy and brilliant structural engineer who finds out about his wife’s affair, kills her in cold blood and entraps her lover. Then, he writes a confession and asks to represent himself in the court of law as it is his right. The prosecutor is Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling), a newbie lawyer soon to become a member of a civil-law firm, who was assigned to this case because they told him that it is an open and shut case. Unable to prove Crawford’s guilt, he will dig deep and try to find out the missing piece that will get him behind bars.

What more can we ask for than these two great actors together in a movie in which they are performing as opponents to each other? Gosling being the inexperienced, frightened new attorney who tries to take down a man who says he is guilty but there is no proof of that anywhere near or in the crime scene itself while Hopkins, on the other hand, is his usual “Hannibal Lecter” self, cold, evil and very capable of defending himself in the court of law despite not being a lawyer at all. Put these two together in as many scenes as you want and you will get enjoyable, interesting, suspenseful and fear-triggering moments which will get you so close to the characters and their experiences that you yourselves would want to put an end to this whole mystery once and for all or get away with it like a boss.

The next best thing this film is offering you is – my favourite subject – the mystery of the crime. I mean, we could clearly see that this guy actually shot his wife in cold blood, wiped the scene clean and wrote a confession letter right before our eyes and yet, there is zero evidence connecting him to the crime itself. How can you prove that this guy is guilty and put him behind bars where he should be? While he is confessing that he did it, at the same time there are no evidences pointing at him and therefore he is an innocent man and ready to go. Building up to this mystery and making you try to figure out how to catch this murderer along with Gosling is one of the best feelings this film is giving you.

“Fracture” is one of my favourite crime thriller films starring two of my also favourite actors who give it all and succeed in making an enjoyable, interesting and worthwhile crime movie for the viewers. Watch it and let your own judgment appreciate this masterpiece while I go and watch it one more time.

I’ll be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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