Riverdale Episode 2×13 “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart” Recap

What a great episode and how many more of our theories and speculations came true in just one single episode? I do not even know where to start with all these stuff that is going on in Riverdale right now. The only thing I know for sure is that you should not keep reading this unless you have seen last night’s episode since I am going to review all the spoilers once again.

Starting by picking the story up where we left off, Alice and Betty are in the middle of cleaning up the mess of the dead body, when Hal calls Betty to inform her that he is coming by. I was hoping he will actually witness what is going on in the Coopers’ house but unfortunately all he saw – or, better, smell – was bleach which seemed weird to him but a cheap excuse sent his suspicions away for a while. After his departure, the two ladies got rid of the body, dumping it somewhere, hoping they can get away with murder but let’s be honest: If it is not Annalise Kitting involved, then getting away with it will be hard – or will it not be?

Leaving this storyline aside for a while, Archie was still getting “bullied” by Agent Adams, who not only did he pressure him about his probable knowledge around the mysterious death of Papa Poutine and Hiram’s involvement in it, but he also had the nerve to approach his father, Fred, and then threaten Archie that if he does not plant a bug in the Lodges’ house, his father will be the one paying for it. Of course, Archie informed Hiram about everything and I still cannot seem to understand why he is so persistent in doing such dumb stuff – and I do not buy that it is because of Veronica.

Speaking of Veronica, it is surprising that she is still worried about her father’s involvement in every crime that happens in Riverdale. She speaks to Archie about those worries and again he chooses to inform Hiram about them so that he will assure her that she should not be concerned about anything. But, when it comes to saving her family from Mayor McCoy, who in this episode chose at first to help Jughead with his concerns minding the Lodges, Veronica chose to take a step and approach the Mayor, warning her that her family will expose her relationship with the Sheriff. Of course, the Mayor had a change of heart and chose to resign instead of going after Veronica’s family.

Since I mentioned Jughead above, being concerned about Betty, he asks her if anything is wrong and he takes a negative answer, although we all knew that many things were, including her lie in the previous episode about her kiss with Archie. Fortunately, Betty decides to tell him all the truth about the murder and the body, after having been obsessed and almost sick with the whole situation. And while we are on that, I have to point out here that Betty’s investigative instinct did not stop now, not even when it came to a dead body that was found on her living room floor. It turns out that the dead body belonged to a drug dealer – you can, indeed, learn so much by simply acquiring a dead person’s phone – which is something that leaves more open questions when it comes to Chic’s whereabouts. By the way, this guy is still so creepy; I get goosebumps every time I see his face on my computer screen.

Meanwhile, Cheryl – so glad she was back for this episode – warns her mother about her relationship with Hal, which I left out in my previous review since I thought that this was not going to be a thing. Obviously Penelope Blossom does not care about anything anymore and that is why Cheryl decides to threaten Hal next of telling Betty about his affair with her mother. Eventually, Betty learns everything and uses it to force Hal to leave their house after he was pressuring Chic about the bleach smell, who, by the way, was crying. Nice acting Chic, thanks for the more creepiness here.

I left the best stuff for the end of this review and starting with my favourite one, remember when I said that Betty and Alice might actually get away with murder? When you get FP to do the job for you, I think you do have more chances. Best team-up ever and, of course, FP again gets his hands dirty, this time to help his son, who previously dumped the dead guy’s car and phone in the river with Betty’s help. I cannot wait to see more of these four together in the next episodes. Also, Archie’s choice of informing Hiram about the FBI Agent turned out to be a smart move since there is no Agent Adams of the FBI but Agent Adams of the Lodges family, Hermione Lodge’s associate who was testing Archie’s loyalty to the Lodges. Although many of the fans thought of that beforehand, I was more optimistic and hoped that he was a good guy and that justice is on its way. It seems that Hiram and Hermione will continue getting on our nerves for a long time.

Questions for you: Am I the only one who started thinking that Veronica and Archie might be working together to take down Hiram and Hermione? Did you love FP, Jughead, Alice and Betty teaming-up as much as I did? Which do you think is Chic’s plan for the Coopers?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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