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Riverdale Season 2: What We Know So Far

We are one week away from the new episode of Riverdale and since I re-watched the whole Season 2 these past few weeks because I just could not wait one month to see what will happen next, I decided to do a review about the most important things we have seen and learned in these thirteen episodes.


  1. Fred Andrews is Alive


After getting shot in episode 1×13, we were unaware of his fate, but the writers did not want us to wait that long to find out if he is going to live or die, therefore they focused the episode 2×01 on explaining us in a weird way how he will eventually stay alive and get back in Archie’s life.


  1. The Blossoms have more secrets


Seeing Penelope Blossom being burnt after the fire, we thought that this was a total plot hole but then we find out that the woman actually run into the fire to save a painting. Apart from that rather eccentric fact, we also learned something more important. There is something we do not know behind Clifford Blossom’s sudden death and we actually do not know exactly what happened in that barn. This will be very interesting when it gets revealed.


  1. Jughead is a Serpent now


For me, that was a fundamental development for the show because it gives Jughead the upper hand in the Serpents’ business while at the same time he is involved in all the Northsiders’ business. Plus, it is a great character development for Jughead himself, for his rise and acknowledgment in this weird town where he is still considered as an outsider. My guess is that he might become The Mayor one day but I might be wrong and just dreaming.


  1. The Lodges’ whereabouts


We did not know how far this family can go, but now we do. Not only that, but also Veronica is in on it and we still do not know if she has a plan or if she is in fact that stupid to join her family’s business. We also got a glimpse of what exactly is Hiram’s job and on top of that, we now have a nice title to carve above his head – Mobster.


  1. F.P. gets out of prison


We kind of knew that this will happen at some point but we did not know when or how and actually I was a bit afraid that it will never happen after a certain point. When it did, it was such a huge relief and after watching him join the Serpents in order to protect Jughead, I got super excited and I cannot wait to see what more can these two do together as a team.


  1. Betty’s brother identity and whereabouts


In fact, we still do not know a lot about this weird creepy guy but we do know what he looks like, his name and some of his businesses all these years he spent away from the Coopers’ care. I have seen and made so many theories about him but lean towards one which seems more accurate to me than all the others and that is the one which supports that this guy is not Betty’s brother but an imposter who took advantage of two good-looking and good-dressed women who stepped in his doorstep. I cannot wait to see what more will happen and what he will do next.


  1. The Black Hood is still running free


No one bought the lie about Joseph Svenson being the Black Hood and after Archie’s confirmation about the possibility of multiple Black Hoods being involved, we were more than sure that the real Black Hood is still out there, probably waiting for the right moment to strike again or simply taking advantage of the situation and getting away with murder. My guess is that until the end of this Season, we will find the real man responsible for all these crime acts and I hope he is someone more interesting and unexpected than an old janitor we knew nothing about until one episode before he was revealed as the Black Hood. I am sure the writers can do better than this.


I am more than excited to watch the new episode next week and see how the story will continue and what more will happen to all the characters we love and with all the questions we need answers for.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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