Riverdale Episode 2×14 “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes” Recap

This episode should have probably been called “The Strangers” meeting “Wild Things: Foursome” instead of “The Hills Have Eyes”, but hey, what do I know about movie titles, right? In all its hilarity and sexiness, the creepiness stood out once again in this brand new Riverdale episode which we waited for a whole month to watch. Warning: Spoilers are all over the place in this Recap therefore it is your choice to read it or not.

In the continuation of Hiram’s sketchy and dirty businesses, he offers Varchie and Bughead a weekend getaway in Lodges’ lake house. Although the entire episode is located far away from the little town of Riverdale, it did not miss out on reminding us from the very first scene that Chic is the creepiest guy in the whole show. In fact, after Jughead randomly stumbles upon Chic in Betty’s house, he did the right choice warning her about the creepy vibes he got from him.

When the two couples get to the lake house, Jughead takes the opportunity to ask Veronica all the things he needs to know about her father so that he can write his new article centered on him. And even though that is not at all decent of Jug, Archie has some other secrets to hide minding the fact that Hiram sent them there in order to do his business back in Riverdale without anyone noticing. On top of all these problems, Cheryl decides to take revenge for the fact that they refused to take her along with them and calls Jughead to expose the secret Barchie kiss that happened in front of her house to him. As it turns out, I was totally right about the Vughead kiss – Vughead is now official along with Bughead since the moment Jug spelled the words and had me laughing my heart out – when I thought that it is the proper retaliation towards the previous unfaithful act between Archie and Betty.

While our four favourite characters are away having fun, sex and dealing with their “kiss-related” problems and all, the writers gave us more information about Cheryl’s whereabouts, pointing out the fact that she is indeed – as we all guessed – a homosexual since she confessed to Toni Topaz that she was in love with her female childhood friend when they were little until her mother drove them apart. Yes, you heard that right; Toni and Cheryl are bonding in this episode which is something that most of us were desperately waiting to happen and now that it did, I think it is the right direction towards Cheryl’s happiness. Meanwhile, her mother, Penelope, continues her “lady-of-the-night” businesses without carrying even the slightest about her daughter’s feelings towards it.

Apart from Cheryl’s development, we also had some other stuff cleared out, like Mayor McCoy’s and Sheriff Keller’s relationship which they chose to reveal to their children, Josie and Kevin. Josie was actually the first to know and then she went ahead revealing it to Kevin in an attempt to jeopardize their parents’ relationship. Nevertheless, the four of them sat down and decided to support each other and accept this new situation which – let’s face it – it is not that big of a deal. Speaking about Kevin, he also had a nice meeting with Moose and his new girlfriend who seemed to have zero clues about Moose and Kevin going out in the past. It seems to me that someone is unwilling or too scared to get out of the closet any time soon.

Back at the lake house and while we were thinking that nothing is going to ruin this magical weekend especially after all the revelations I mentioned above, a break-in happens and three black hooded guys with bats in their hands threaten to hurt the four vacationers unless they give them money. As we expected, Archie starts to reminisce the day the Black Hood hurt his father at Pop’s and the moment we thought that everything will be fine, he chooses to chase the robbers and actually manages to grab one of them who later gets shot by the Lodges’ driver. One murder per episode is okay I guess?

As Hiram’s secrets continue to get unveiled in each episode, two more of them is brought to light as we learn that the whole lake house weekend thing was that he could buy the Sunnyside Trailer Park where the Serpents live and The Riverdale Register newspaper owned by the Coopers. What is up with this guy anyway? Is he going to buy the whole town? Why does he not just buy an island? Why Riverdale? So many questions for which we need answers in the next episodes but we need to wait at least one week for the next one and I already need more.

Questions for you: Again, what are Chic’s intentions? What is he doing despite being creepy 24/7? Does Hiram need the whole town so he can control it? Or does he want to exploit the people in order to make money out of them? Are we still trying to find out who the Black Hood is?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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