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Riverdale Episode 2×15 “Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood” Recap

The Lodges keep planning their villainous schemes and Chic continues being as creepy as ever in this new Riverdale episode, which despite being a bit boring gave us many answers to our even more questions. This Season so far seems very organized and focused on its main plot, which means that it will probably end wrapping them all up and serving them to us equally organized. Reminding you the obvious: do not proceed reading unless you have already watched last night’s episode.

Clifford’s testament is being announced making whoever shares Blossom blood a righteous receiver of some part of this will while the other part goes to Cheryl and Jason. Because of the first rule of his will, his twin brother Claudius makes an appearance. Apparently, Clifford has tried to kill him in the past therefore he run off and became a marine just to be far away from the Blossoms. In spite of that, he is now back and ready to plan his own schemes along with Penelope Blossom, who, as it turns out, teams up with him and backs him up when it comes to putting some order in their house starting with Nana Rose and Cheryl. In addition, there was a talk about Blossoms wanting revenge from the Lodges, something that is not yet clear when it comes to the whys.

Moreover, Archie becomes a snitch by telling Jughead about Hiram buying Pop’s as an attempt to expose The Lodges and protect his father, who was asked by them to become the next Mayor. Although, Jughead started his research by talking with the previous Lodges’ driver and with someone inside Shankshaw and composed the article exposing the Lodges about the real reason they bought the diner, he did not have a way to publish it. However, we did learn why Hiram is buying all these properties which is because he wants to turn Riverdale into a private for-profit prison where the citizens will work, a dream of his of the most peaceful, crime-free town in the whole world. While this was already a huge bomb drop making Fred decline the Mayor position, a huge public announcement was made by Veronica, who introduced her mother Hermione as the next Mayor of Riverdale. Although, Fred was against Hiram’s plan, foolish Archie backed it up and chose to pass the “ritual” which makes someone loyal to the Lodges. Varchie are going downhill this Season, it seems.

In other news, Polly comes back to Riverdale with her twins only to leave almost right away to drive west in order to make sure that her babies are safe from Chic. Speaking of Chic, as I said above, he is still the creepiest person in the whole show and, by the way, he keeps cutting off members of the Cooper family from one of their, as if he has a weird master plan. First was Hal now is Polly. Will Betty or Alice be next or is this where he stops? And while Chic is busy with his creepiness, Hal asks Alice for a divorce and states that he sold the newspaper to Hiram because the price was good, making it clear that if Alice agrees to divorce him, half of the money will be hers. Does this mean that we are going to have FP and Alice together at some point?

Speaking of the Coopers, Betty is investigating Chic, doing whatever she can to find out everything about him, including getting some of his DNA tested, which she acquired from a dental floss. Of course, the results are negative, leading her to confront him about his real identity and his true intentions. We will have to wait a whole week to find out what his answers were but for me, this was a huge win for Betty and a great development of the show since it cleared up some of our speculations about Chic while at the same time it is leading towards the closure of one of its plots.

This episode was more focused on the building up of what we have already seen, adding some new stuff, especially for the Blossoms who were left aside for a while. I cannot wait to see where all these will end up and how the storyline will unfold.

Questions for you: What happened between the Blossoms and the Lodges? Who do you think is Chic, if he is not a member of the Coopers? How far will Hiram go in order to make his dream come true? What is going to happen to Riverdale if Hermione becomes the Mayor?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favourite Riverdale.


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