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Friday Film: “The Machinist”

I have always thought that there are many different kinds of disturbed mind states but I have never actually thought of how awful they are or what impact they have on a human being. This movie depicts one of these states in its most gruesome form and although I watched it many years ago, it is still stuck in my mind and is one of the films I always recommend to whoever asks me about which film to watch next.

The film in subject is the 2004 thriller film “The Machinist” directed by Brad Anderson. For me, this was his best movie among all of his other works, including “Session 9”, “Stonehearst Asylum” and “The Call” simply because it is one of its kind and very different thematically from his other attempts in directing. However, it is indeed a movie for some people, not for all, because of the fact that it is very brutal, not “beautiful” to watch and a lot disturbing, which are actually the point and the whole vibe that you should get when it comes to an issue like this.

A machinist in a factory, named Trevor Reznik (Christian BaleThe Dark Knight, The Big Short, American Psycho, The Prestige), suffers from insomnia which led him to not having slept for a whole year. Consequently, he starts to question his own sanity that revolves around his obsessive compulsion of reminding various stuff to himself, even the smallest things, by writing them on sticky notes.

Best things about this film are the total awareness of the issue and its consequences it gives you, along with the fact that the plot is actually heading towards a certain point, which you do not get to guess beforehand. There are many movies focused on various mental health issues but this one belongs to those, which actually sinks you deep into the problem while establishing the right feeling you should get when watching a state like this. In addition to this, the brutality of the problem and its ugliness are two fundamental factors every film centered on mental issues like this should have no matter how disturbing these are. On top of this whole atmosphere, you have a movie like this with a great plot, which have you on pins and needles the whole time, something that is important for movies of this type.

In addition to all the above, the essential factor which bind all these together and make the outcome purely amazing is the blatantly obvious one, the Christian-Bale-factor. This film was the most talked one before and during its release simply because Bale went through a very gruesome diet so that he can serve his role the way it was and is supposed to be. For this role, he lost more than 60 pounds and, as a result, he became so thin that you can actually see his bones structure in the film. Consequently, of course you get the feeling needed while watching this movie and on top of that, you completely sunk into the horrific aspect of what the main character is going through just by simply watching him.

One of the best thriller movies I have ever watched, “The Machinist” is the best of its kind. Disturbing, tense and completely horrific, this film is a must-watch one. And even if you are not a fan of these kind of films, you should definitely give it a try just to admire Christian Bale’s unique skills along with the work he did to bring this movie to life.

I will be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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