Riverdale Episode 2×16 “Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors” Recap

This Season is getting darker and better with each episode and after this one, I am more shook than ever with the development of all the characters and their plots. Always remember not to continue reading this unless you have watched this week’s new episode because spoilers are ahead.

Southside High is in danger of closing down because Hiram wants to make his dream come true as we saw in the previous episode. As a result, Jughead decides to go on hunger strike, motivating some of his fellow Serpents to do so as well in order to help him through this. Along with the strike, they also chain themselves to the school, resulting in more people rooting for them and supporting them throughout their struggle against Lodges’ new schemes. Of course, things go wrong as always, the chains got broken by Archie, who we all know is siding with Hiram and Southside High’s struggle was lost. However, Jughead will not stay put and instead, he decided to run for Student Body President and asked Betty to be his Co-President in all that.

In the meantime, Cheryl is having a hard time living under the same roof with her supposed-to-be uncle, who apparently, with the help of her mother, is trying to scare Cheryl by doing strange noises outside of her bedroom door at night. In an attempt to stop being frightened and live at least for one night in peace, Cheryl invites Toni, Betty, Jossie and Veronica for a sleepover where we also almost got our first Choni kiss. During the night, a strange noise came from outside her bedroom, which we then learn that it was the sound of her Nana felling off the stairs. Although this already seemed sketchy, Cheryl later found out from the doctors in the hospital that they found a paralytic toxin inside Nana’s blood, which we assume Penelope and Cladius have put inside hers and Cheryl’s tea.

Furthermore, Veronica finally had to face the consequences of her choices when it comes to helping and supporting her parents’ schemes. Almost everyone turned against her when she was doing a campaign of becoming Riverdale High’s Vice-President, including Jossie who was the reason Ethel Muggs made a nice flier with Veronica’s face on and all her involvement in every bad action of her parents. Apart from Archie, even Betty cannot trust her anymore and I am more than curious to see Veronica’s next move and what decision she will make now that she is almost alone.

Speaking of Archie, he still sides with Hiram when it comes to the whole prison thing when his father is against him unconditionally. In addition to that, I think every one of us enjoyed his mother’s intervention while they were having dinner, where she supported Fred with all her might. As a result, because Archie cannot escape from Hiram’s grab due to his decision of doing the “ritual” in the previous episode, he instead asks Hiram to release his dad from all of his commitments to the Lodges’ industries. Smart move, Archie. It seems that you still have some of your heart left inside of there.

On the other hand, apart from the Lodges’ drama and desperate need of power, we have my favorite family, the Coopers. After Betty confronting Chic of his negative DNA results, her mother, Alice, discloses that Chic is not Hal’s son, meaning he does not have Blossom blood running through his veins. But, she also said that he is not FP’s son either. Moreover, Chic starts a war against Betty only to find out that Betty is even creepier than him. I loved every moment of Dark Betty in this episode, including the best scene of all – the one with the lighter. But, despite her spooky attempts to control Chic’s behavior, Betty’s fear is even bigger than her Dark Side and that is why she decided to help Jughead becoming Student Body President, if he agrees to let her stay with him for a while. I am sure we are going to love this new change.

Last and most important thing of the whole episode was Cheryl’s fate. It seems that her mother is determined to “fix” her daughter – who is more into girls than boys – by sending her off to where Polly had the misfortune to be sent back in Season 1; at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. If the conversion begins, I doubt she will remember anything minding her sexual orientation. What is going to happen to her?

Questions for you: Will Toni save Cheryl? Did you believe Alice denying FP being Chic’s father? If it is not him then who is it? Will Veronica change her mind about her parents’ businesses? Will Archie?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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