Riverdale Episode 2×17 “Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens” Recap

Only five episodes left until this Season ends and this one seemed like a filler in a way, considering that they wasted half of the episode adding new insignificant stuff to the already established plots. The good thing is, they prepared the ground for the upcoming musical episode, which will center on Stephen King’s horror movie “Carrie”. Moving on to the analysis of Riverdale’s 17th episode, do not forget to stop reading unless you have already watched last night’s episode.

Alice Cooper does not seem to agree with Betty’s decision to move in with Jughead and FP until Chic moves out. She also refuses to accept Betty’s proposal to return home only if Alice signs a consent form she needs in order to do a Serpent tattoo. By the way, is this a sign of Betty eventually becoming a Serpent this Season? Meanwhile, Alice also mediated a Riverdale High town hall with the three tickets for student body president like Jughead and Betty were planning. Nevertheless, the plan seemed to have gone bad since the Serpents refused to support Jughead if Betty is on the ticket too.


Meanwhile, the police found the dead person’s car Bughead have dumped in the river – which by the way was stolen, not his own – ; a situation that made Chic more stupid than he already is since he brought in Coopers’ house the girlfriend of the deceased, named Darla. Now Darla asks for money in order to leave them alone but in the meantime, she brings a friend of hers there. Of course, they do not plan to leave them alone when Betty brings them the money they asked but before returning home, Betty called the Serpents for back-up resulting in them busting down the Coopers’ house door and making the intruders get out. After that, Alice asked Chic to move out of the house and decided to stop going against the Serpents. On top of that, she visited FP and we do not know what happened between them after that but I hope we find out soon because Falice needs to happen, do you hear me writers?


Furthermore, Hiram is unhappy during a meeting he has with two of his former allies, Lenny and Carl, who want to invest in his new prison. When he denies the offer, they blackmail him causing him to decide to pay them off but Archie has a better plan. He reaches out to Reggie for help making a deal with him to get him all the Bulldog votes in the school election if he agrees to help him. While Hiram stood up Lenny and Carl, the latter receive a message telling them to go outside and check on their car, but when they approach it, it explodes. It turns out that Archie and his Red Circle are now wearing black hoods and they are there to give them a message, which is that the Dark Circle – the former Red Circle – is protecting Hiram Lodge now and that they should leave before it is too late. And here I thought we were done with this whole Red-Circle-nonsense-thing. In addition, to thank Archie, Hiram buys him a car. I am guessing this will have a bad ending.


Last but not least, Cheryl is still trapped inside the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy facility and Toni, Veronica and Jossie are trying to figure out what happened to her. The real MVP of this episode is Nana Rose Blossom who – unable to walk or stroll down since Penelope took her stroller – crawls towards the phone and manages to call Southside High and inform Toni about Cheryl’s whereabouts. Moreover, the second MVP in this episode seems to be Kevin Keller, who knows a secret passage into the Sister’s facility and leads the three girls there to rescue Cheryl. Eventually, the girls take Cheryl out of that place and we finally get our first Choni kiss we were all been expecting for. In addition to that, Veronica finally does something good in this Season but I am guessing she will be back to her bad choices in the next episode. But, what will happen to Cheryl when Penelope finds out that she escaped?


I am really excited about the musical episode and I think the whole cast will nail it. Plus, it will be nice to watch a different episode for a change.

Questions for you: Will Cheryl have more troubles in the next episodes? Are Archie and Veronica ever going to stop annoying us? Will Betty become a Serpent until the end of this Season? What are your thoughts on the musical episode?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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