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Friday Film: “The Strangers”

Since the anticipated sequel of this classic horror film is already in the theaters, I decided to give you a quick peek into the first one in case you have not watched this yet. Although it would be weird if you had not, I think it is time for you to join the world of “The Strangers” franchise and appreciate this as much as we – the fans – do.

The 2008 horror/mystery film “The Strangers” is inspired by two major real-life events, one of them being the multiple homicide that occurred in California in 1989, the “Manson family Tate murders”, while the other one is a series of break-ins that happened in the neighborhood of the writer-director when he was a child. Bryan Bertino is the creator of this masterpiece, known for his works in “Mockingbird” and “The Monster”, and although in the second movie titled as “The Strangers: Prey at Night” he is only writing the script, I am already convinced that it is going to be as interesting and awesome as the first one.

James Hoyt (Scott Speedman,  “Underworld”, “Underworld: Evolution”, “xXx: State of the Union”, “The Vow) and his girlfriend Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler,  “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Armageddon”, “Jersey Girl) after returning from a wedding reception they decide to stay in an isolated vacation house. While there, three unknown assailants terrorize them and they find themselves in a violent struggle in which they exceed their limits in order to survive the attack.

Before getting into the mystery, which is what surprised and excited me in the first place, I have to give some respects to these two actors, who at the time, were known for some not-so-major roles and yet they succeeded in nailing their performances in this one and earn our respect and admiration. In fact, Liv and Scott are the keys to the movie’s plot and the reason you enjoy this film from its beginning to its end. Furthermore, their acting was so much to the point that you can actually sympathize with them, get in their shoes, experience every agonizing moment and situation they are into and get out of the film with a loving feeling towards them. After this movie, I actually went ahead and watched almost every movie they had starred in until then.

On the other hand, there is this great story originated from two different real-life events but mixed in such a respectful way that if you have no idea that it is based on these, you cannot separate them while watching it and you actually feel that the true story is just one. I believe this was the point Bertino wanted to make in this first work of his and he succeeded in doing that with flying colours. Nevertheless, the plot did not need any jump-scares in order to scare you and although it has a few, they are placed in the right moments without allowing the viewers to get too attached to them mainly because the horror factor lies entirely in the events and the situation the main characters are experiencing.

If you decide to watch the first movie of “The Strangers” franchise this weekend, you will have the time to watch the second one in the theaters while it is still on. So, you have plenty of time, what are you waiting for?

I will be back next Friday with another one of my favorite movies that you must watch.

Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what your thoughts on this movie are and if you enjoyed watching it.


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