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Riverdale Episode 2×18 “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember” Recap

Carrie: The Musical” has come to the small town of Riverdale and that was a bloody episode with some major plot developments and a little bit of music to make its outcome worth waiting for. Despite this episode’s musical theme, Riverdale continues startling us with the way things are going and this was the right episode for what was about to happen with the development of the already established storylines of this Season.


Kevin, who is the director of this epic musical, gave the roles to our beloved cast and the show was in the rehearsal process when things already started to fall apart. Ironically, each role was very suited to the person who was portraying it. Jughead was the videographer, Chuck Clayton was the villain of the story, Veronica was the mean girl, Archie was the boy next door, Betty was the good girl and, of course, Cheryl was Carrie. However, Alice being Carrie’s bad mom was not exactly what I was hoping for but she definitely nailed it.


Adding to the storylines we are all familiar with, the first to warn Archie about Veronica’s and Hiram’s craziness was Betty, who then confronts Veronica, telling her all those things we are saying about her annoying role in Season 2 all this time and hurting her feelings so that she can apologize afterwards and share a hug with her. Nevertheless, Cheryl shared a similar moment with Josie in an attempt to apologize to her for her weird behavior in the past, minding the drawings and the dead pig.

bettt arcc

Furthermore, I know we are all waiting for FP and Alice to happen but it seems that FP continues being rude and avoiding her which is exactly what pushes Alice back to Hal. For me, this was the right thing to do although I will never stop shipping Falice but Hal was so kind, apologetic, and caring towards her that he instantly earned my trust. In addition to this, FP seeing these two together at the musical night was priceless but we still got no answer when it comes to who is Chic’s real father despite the fact that Alice had a deep conversation with Hal and opened up her heart to him. Speaking of Chic, Alice keeps calling him but he will not return her calls. Instead, he made an appearance at the musical night, which brought chills down my spine and I have to start getting used to that creepy guy at some point.


Hiram’s new goal in this episode was another mean scheme of his, as always. Trying to keep Fred and Archie apart, he ended up losing the fight when Archie returned his gift and chose to stay by his father’s side, stating to Hiram that he should stop trying to get between him and his dad. Well played, Archie, you finally manned up and I am certainly feeling that you are choosing the right path this time.

archie hiram

When this episode started, we witnessed a message supposedly from the Black Hood who was asking from Kevin to replace Cheryl’s role as Carrie with another person. Eventually, this indeed happened and Midge Klump took the role mainly because there was a “deadly” incident when Cheryl was rehearsing on stage. On top of that, after her mother, Penelope, also asked Kevin to remove her from the role, Cheryl decided to get even. As a result, she stepped into her house, covered in blood and stated to her mother that this is her father’s and Jason’s blood and threatened her that if she does anything bad to her Nana, it will be her blood, too. On top of that, she ordered her to leave the house along with Claudius. This was in fact the most badass scene of our beloved and always iconic Cheryl. I was secretly hoping that she actually burns her alive but I am settled with the outcome.

black hood

Little did we know about this episode’s finale or where this all was heading to and while we had no clue about the Black Hood’s whereabouts after episode 2×09, we certainly were not expecting him to strike back, especially after we thought that the threatening messages were Ethel Muggs’ creations. I believe we were all right when we supported that Black Hood is not dead and this episode confirmed our speculations when he murdered Midge Klump on stage, leaving a confirmation message about the fact that he is alive and more “healthy” than ever – no pun intended.

I am back from the dead. All those who escaped me before will die… B.H”.


Overall, this was a great episode with some great music and some astounding performances by the cast. I was so pleased with the way things went with Cheryl’s determination and the Black Hood storyline that we had left behind for a little while but we finally got reassured about the fact that he is definitely not dead yet. Will he go on a killing rampage now?

Questions for you: Is Cheryl going to hurt her mother and her uncle at some point on the show? Has Archie finally started to realize that Hiram needs to be stopped? Is Black Hood going to start killing again? What did you think about this episode?

Leave your comments below as we are waiting for next week’s episode.

I will be back next Thursday with a recap of the new episode of our favorite Riverdale.


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